A review of “Visions of Vocation”

A review of “Visions of Vocation” March 14, 2014

John Armstrong of Act3Network, in a recent review of Steve Garber’s new Visions of Vocation, writes about one of Steve’s previous books, The Fabric of Faithfulness:

Author Steven Garber wrote one of those rare modern books that I have read twice. Some years ago I developed an answer that I cleverly gave to folks who, upon seeing my immense library (before I sold nearly 15,000 books over the last few years), would gasp at my floor-to-ceiling library shelves and ask me, “Have you read all of these?” I calmly answered, “I’ve read some of them twice.”

About Visions of Vocation he adds:

Knowing what I now know about this world what am I going to do about it as a responsible Christian thinker who lives well and seeks to act in obediential faith? Garber answers this question as well as any, and I do mean any, modern Christian writer.

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