Divination Space Station: Raven Moon’s Oracle

Divination Space Station: Raven Moon’s Oracle December 1, 2013


Raven Moon’s Oracle

Welcome to the latest stop on Divination Space Station. This week we are blessed to have an interview with Jenn Ficentise, proprietress of Raven Moon’s Oracle. As Head Gypsy in charge she specializes in the metaphysical: Tarot Card Readings, Intent Candles, Mojo bags, good luck charms, crystal programing, Soy candles, and the list goes on. She has an amazing psychic talent and is one of the few people I recommend to read when I am unavailable. I am so pleased to have her insightful answers here on Divination Space Station. If you like what you read here or want to know more please check out and like her facebook page.


When did you start divining?

When I was 14 years old I bought a poster with Norse Runes on it and every day I would ask a question. I believe that was my first pull towards divination. It stemmed from my spiritual journey that I was just embarking on. And many forms of divining were being shown to me. Everything from Runes, crystal scrying, water divination , pendulum dowsing, palm reading, and Tarot Cards. I was on a new journey to evolve myself and working with divination just seemed a great addition to it all to find the insight and guidance I was seeking at the time.

With what method ?

I think working with tarot cards seemed to resonate with me early on. I started reading with the Rider Waite deck, which I think most newcomers to tarot tend to pick those up first. In my opinion, one of the best known for the novice reader. Through the last twenty years of reading and learning, I’ve probably work with around four different tarot decks. From the very traditional , like the Waite deck, to the very non- traditional, like the deck I use now, The Faeries’ Oracle. They really do speak to me and each card has an individual voice of their own.

What method do you use most often now?

The method I use most often now is Tarot. In the last ten years of working with The Faeries’ Oracle they have become an incredible extension of myself. Both physically and spiritually. They not only give me assistance when I’m searching for my own guidance, but they are the perfect way for me to help my clients. They become the link for me to help others. It’s a beautiful and insightful connection I can have with my clients and this deck really helps them open up, feel at ease and find the answers they are seeking. And sometimes it gives them answers that they had no idea they were searching for.

How important is the question?

I find a question can be important, but a well phrased question is more important that a less than well thought out muddled one. I find confusing questions on the client’s part will confuse the cards and thus the reader, leading to a reading with no clarity and no sense of direction. So yes, I do feel questions are important, but a well thought out question. I also tell my clients that if you don’t have a question, that’s fine. The cards will tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know. The quicker we realize the difference in want and need the clearer a reading will be.

Raven Moon’s Oracle, wonderful wares !

Do you have a yes/no method you recommend?

If you have a deck that will enable yes/no questions to be asked, then go for it. Shuffle the cards while you are asking your question and pull one card and go ahead and ponder away. I can use my tarot cards for this method, sometimes. However, I find a more simplistic approach to yes/no inquiries can yield better results. I find using Runes can be helpful in the yes/no method. A pendulum works well once you get the feel for it or using stones or crystals that represent yes and no. Shuffling them in your hands, and then without looking, picking the stone to find your answer. It really comes down to what works for you. I know a person who use a candle flame to ask yes/no questions. I personally find too much outside influence with that method ; a breeze, etc. I would recommend exploring different methods of divination to see what best suits you and your skill.


Is there any advice you have for newcomers when using divination?

Knowledge is power. Read, practice, read, practice. And after that read and practice some more. Also remember to explore and check out the multiple methods of divining. There is so much out there to learn and experiment with. Find what form of divination resonates personally with you. We all have our individual gifts and skills, so you may want to find a method that personally fits you. If you have a connection to water, maybe water and wax divination would best suit you. If you are a Fire sign, check out scrying into a fire flame. Never think you have to limit or box yourself into any one way of divining. Just because Bobby down the street reads cards, doesn’t mean that you have to use that same method. Go get a bag of Runes and work with them. The best way to find yourself and to excel within divination is with your own personal tools of divination.

When learning any new tool or evolving a skill, it’s about learning the right and the wrong. Trial and error. What works for you and what doesn’t. And learning from it. Taking the novice knowledge and nurturing it. Making sure you know the ins and outs, the upside down of what you are doing, especially before you offer it to others. There is a level of responsibility when you are using divination on yourself. Making sure you are putting in the work, learning your lessons and mastering it as much as possible to help yourself gain the guidance you seek.

If you start to extend your service to others, whether they be just friends and family or you taking the big step of being a professional reader to the public, you have to make sure you have a good amount of mastery with your skill. Practicing on yourself, going through trial and error by yourself is one thing; but offering this help to the public takes on a whole new level of responsibility. You are being let in to a most personal and vulnerable part of this person. A lot of personal information can come up during a reading and what you may be able to handle by yourself, you have to know how to work with another individual that you are reading for. You are taking this person into your hands, telling them information that can get emotional. There is more on your plate now than just reading cards, you have to know how to handle another person. Their questions and their changes in emotions can be very heavy and it can be an intense situation to read for another. You not only need to know your cards and know your tools well, you need to know how to deliver it to the person you are reading for, with care and understanding. Sometimes readings aren’t just black and white. You may need to be counsel for people, you may even find studying up on sociology or psychology would be helpful. I know I did!Because reading cards is one thing, but dealing with the human condition is something else. You also have to know how you , yourself,will handle the reading. How will it take a physical toll on you?Reading for others can be exhausting. If you aren’t prepared, you can lose a lot of your energy during a reading. You need to make sure that you are also caring for yourself, as well as the person across from you.

Other than that, I wish those new to this path good luck and to have fun!!! Be open and enjoy the ride!



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