Agayu: The Volcano’s God of Fire

Agayu: The Volcano’s God of Fire August 20, 2014
Volcanic Eruption (fantasy) photo by Maxwell Hamilton. Text added. Licensed under CC 2.0
Volcanic Eruption (fantasy) photo by Maxwell Hamilton. Text added. Licensed under CC 2.0

Some know the sacred energy of the volcano as Vulcan, Pele, Konohana Sakuya Hime, or Chaifi, but in the Afro-Caribbean religion of Lucumi (Santeria) this divine mix of fire and earth is the domain of Agayu. This fiery Orisha, also known as Agallu, Agayu Sola, Argayu Sola, and Aganyu, is ancient and powerful. He is sometimes associated with St. Christopher, whose feast day is July 25th , although some Santeria houses celebrate on July 10th. He is served offerings of boiled corn, pineapple, okra, fruit and all ritual things also given to Chango. Many patakis (ritual stories) describe the close relationship of Chango and Agayu as father and son, or brothers, and their close bond is literally the stuff of legend. Children of Agayu are said to be very serious and commanding people. They can manifest the eruption of lava from deep within it’s core when the timing is just right. Santeria-Orishas blogspot talks of Agayu’s connection to the magma of the earth and how he represents the strength in everyone the comes from the depths of the soul. The pages, however are in Spanish.  also provides much detailed information about Aggayu, including a photo of his elekes (ritual necklaces) which are colored either brown and a milky white, or 9 different colors ( just not black.)

The power of the volcano is revered far and wide. Even in the Brazilian martial art Capoiera Agayu is honored with movements that are said to be like “lashing fangs,” coming right at you and carving a new path to your destiny. They are quick and fierce. New Orleans Voodoo celebrates the ashe of the volcano as Agwe La Flambeau. This is a fiery aspect of Agwe. The sturdy ship strong enough to cross the flaming molten lava to assured safety. The feast day for this Lwa, or deity, is August 30 or 31st. This is also similar to the feast for the water deity Agwe in Haitian Vodou. Check out the following videos to see this divinity in action.

Agayu Sola- Dance of the Orishas. The movements here literally seem to mimic the rising up of the lava from deep inside the volcano.


Orisha Aye : Argayu Sola by legend Lazaro Ros. Thought of as the “world’s leading akypwon” or ritual Afro-Cuban singer, he was a founding member of the National Folkloric Ensemble of Cuba. He crossed over to the ancestors in 2005 but we still have the sacred gift of his music.


As I write this Iceland has raised it’s warning level for it’s Bardarbunga volcano because of  magma movement. It seems the God of fire, like so many of our Gods these days, need some more attention. We need to pay attention to what lies beneath before it blows up in our faces.  Please proceed accordingly, and with devout caution. Thanks for reading, do me a favor and if you like what you’ve read, or just have a passion for volcanoes, please like, share, support our store links above, and maybe even comment below. Blessings and Ashe!


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