Words, Responsibility and the 2022 Reading Of The Year !

Words, Responsibility and the 2022 Reading Of The Year ! January 4, 2022

Obatala statue at riverside shrine and sacred grove of Osun. Image courtesy of wikimedia. Licensed under CC 2.0

In the past I have shared on this blog an abbreviated version of the Reading of the Year. Last year in 2021 I wrote ”  I almost didn’t write about the 2021 Reading of the Year from the Yoruba Association of Cuba. In the past I’ve reported on the yearly reading and it has been very popular. The truth of the matter is that each individual spiritual house of Ifa and Lucumi (Santeria) still has its own individual divination for the year. This serves as a definitive guide which is specifically created for all the members of that house. If you are seriously interested in the religion my best advice is to join a house and get this reading for yourself. This may not be easy, but it is the only proper and respectful way to proceed. A general reading for the entire world is just that, general.”

All of the African Traditional Religions have strict guidelines that devotees have to follow. Normally the reading of the year also contains recommendations and offerings, as well as initiations which must be received during that time. If someone is unable to even begin the journey on the path to initiation in the religion, how are they going to follow the advice laid out in the reading of the year? In some cases people have no involvement in the religions at all yet they still seek out the advice. Seriously I’m scratching my head.

For those who wish to know they can find detailed accounts of this year’s reading, governed by the Orisha Obatala here or from other sources online. But again I urge you to find teachers and a family in the religion, the work and effort you put into it will be returned manifold. You can find out some ideas on how to do this in my post on suggestions for finding godparents. If you are not even sure of where to start consider reading my latest book  Voodoo and African Traditional Religion. My santo godmother used to give the advice to “do the next right action.” Focusing on your own specific actions, and getting advice within the religion that is unique to you is something that all interested parties can concentrate on. Ashe !

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