Love of Babalon : Mishlen Linden

Love of Babalon : Mishlen Linden March 24, 2015
Women of Babalon- A Howling of Women's Voices published by Black Moon.
Women of Babalon- A Howling of Women’s Voices published by Black Moon.

Over the past few weeks this blog has seen an amazing collection of posts from the Women of Babalon authors about love. This next selection is from Mishlen Linden, who has been at the vanguard of the Occult feminine for decades. I am proud to have her as a colleague and a personal friend.

… The Body of a Babalon Made

Many years ago I began studying the science of the unseen forces within the human body. A girlfriend and I would meet weekly and take out our pendulums and hold them over each others chakras. Swinging in a clockwise circle meant that all was as it should be. If it swung counterclockwise, then that chakra needed work. Work manifested with holding your hands over her chakra and concentrating your own energy into and through that portal until the pendulum once more began to swing clockwise. If it didn’t, more healing energies were needed. We also studied each others auras. If there was any muddy or grey spots, healing was required. Once again, we would use the palms of our hands to move into that spot and forcefully send the energy in the color that the healthy body would have. This energy came down to us from above our heads. It was not our own. We had found that using ones personal energy would deplete oneself, so we called upon the free energy which always surrounds us. This technique is well known now, it is called Reiki, and is remarkably easy to do. At the time, I was a Thelemic magickan. Later on, I began studying Tibetan Buddhism.

I had discovered a man who knew the answers to all my questions, no matter how arcane. So I followed him, and learned. I was working at that time at a Tibetan Center, as a groundskeeper. I spent much time there. We had a temple, a library, and two stupas. A stupa is a specially made building with a complex central body, a long golden spire, and a point at its top. There are many kinds. One of ours was known as an Enlightenment stupa, and the other was a Kalachakra stupa. You could sit within the Kalachakra stupa, which was made with openings within it, and chant the chants of countless mantras, and in doing so, you could link with the monks and nuns of countless times who have, and were, chanting that same chant. You could feel the temple around you. You became one with it when you began, and it was made with a special material which reflected the sound of your personal chant back at you and become more voices of the mantra.

Women of Babalon talismans created by Mishlen Linden. All rights reserved.
Women of Babalon talismans created by Mishlen Linden. All rights reserved.

The other, the Enlightenment stupa, was solid. It was built with an antenna inside it-a single copper plated tree- that reached from down inside the earth to 30 feet or so above. At the tip was suspended a single quartz crystal, which, if you used binoculars, you could see vibrating. Its work was to call down the stellar currents into the earth, deep into the earth. A side effect manifested around it-the closer you came, the more peace would fill your heart. However, this was site-specific, and the power waned as distance from in increased.

I was often told that the stupas power correlated with the human body. One day I realized how literal that was. I might now always be near this great magickal machine, but I did have a body I was never away from!

Detail of sculpture by Mishlen Linden. Photo by Lilith Dorsey, all rights reserved.
Detail of sculpture by Mishlen Linden. Photo by Lilith Dorsey, all rights reserved.

So I was led back again to my personal force. This included every part of me. My feet, my spine , my chakras, my hands. The top of my head and the spaces above the top of my head. This energy included every part of me, and so my awareness was drawn once again, to my own power zones. This, in the end, resulted in the sex magickal process I’ve written about in my chapter of ‘Women of Babalon’. Working with a spiritual lover, whose energies compliment my own, led to more than twice the force, but was a synergistic union of power, thought and form. Becoming aware of our bodies potential to, quite literally, reach for the stars.

Hence, is the body of a Babalon made.

Mishlen Linden … When Mishlen was 3 years old, she gave up trying to open a locked apartment door in favor of scribbling with a pencil on a piece of drawing paper. Eventually, fireman came and got in through the window, but she did not stop there. Shortly thereafter, she began collecting things – rocks, branches, bones, shells. The odd thing was that she never stopped to ask herself ‘why’? Her mother warned her that if she didn’t stop looking down, she would get a hunched back. This bit of advice didn’t stop her and eventually her mother gave in and began picking up boxes for her to store her things in. Years passed. She did many things – album and CD covers, and magazines. She did many things now being done by computers. After painting oil canvases for over 20 years, she reached a point where she could not face another one. And around her was piled all of this STUFF that she had been hauling around with her through her many residences. She began putting things together. They came alive. And so her first Icons were born. She vowed never to use living nature, and brought these objects, once dead, back to life.And so it has been for these last several years, bringing her to where she is today. Where is that? Well, that is for you to figure out.

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