Who Do You Pray To? Santa ? Bob Marley? Yoda?

Who Do You Pray To? Santa ? Bob Marley? Yoda? December 20, 2015

Marley by Feans. Licensed under CC 2.0
Marley by Feans. Licensed under CC 2.0

When my girls were little they used to pray to Santa Claus…not just for toys, or clothes and such, but for things I really thought were impossible. They prayed for things like snow, or a rainbow on a cloudy day. I tried to gently discourage them. Even though one of our friends played Santa at the local mall, and secretly on the side taught his Pagan origins of St. Nicholas workshop, I am their Mommy, and I didn’t want them to be disappointed. Funny thing is, they never were. Santa always came through.

Well those were my kids, and I’ve been known to have some creative prayers myself. When my spiritual godkids were getting married in Jamaica, I really wanted to attend. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money for the trip. I left offerings for Legba, and the ancestors but I still thought I needed something more. Many people are unaware that Jamaican Reggae legend Bob Marley lived for a time in Brooklyn. It seemed only natural to me as I was trying to raise money for the trip to include the joy and bounty that is the Jamaican icon Bob Marley. I left offerings of money,fruit and some of the other things he loved (wink wink.) Soon I was on my way to a tropical paradise.

The recent release of the new Star Wars film has everyone all a buzz. I haven’t seen people this excited about something in awhile. The truth is many people derive meaning from the Star Wars series. For them it is more poignant than many traditional religious messages they grew up with. One of my godchildren even teaches a workshop about Luke Skywalker and the hero’s journey. It is very popular. I even knew someone who named their son Luke Sky Walker. This week saw articles from some of my fellow Patheos bloggers about the power and the message of the films. The always eloquent and informative Sable Aradia wrote Ten Pagan Ideas that I Learned from Star Wars. There she talks about Yoda and his powerful words. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”



In the Haitian Voudou and New Orleans Voodoo traditions anyone has the potential to become divine. The loa, or honored deities, in these traditions are often thought to have been living people at one time. Through good works, right behavior, and proper devotion and follower of these religions can and will be honored after their death. This has been the custom for hundreds of years.


We make meaning and magick where we find it. Our faith can call to us from music, movie or imagination. As long as the message is a powerful and positive one, I say rejoice. Who do you worship? I’d love to find out.

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