Legendary Vodou Priest Max Beauvoir Dead At 79

Legendary Vodou Priest Max Beauvoir Dead At 79 September 14, 2015

For many of us Max Beauvoir was the first real Vodou Priest we saw. He brought Haitian Vodou out of the shadows and into the glorious light it deserves.  Eloquent, articulate, knowledgeable and committed to his religion, this legend passed away Saturday September 12 at his home in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti after an extended illness. Born Francois Max Gesner Beauvoir on August 25, 1936 he was the first to hold the rank of Ati, or supreme head of Haitian Voodoo .

The following interview he talks about how ” Vodou is what guides us, in our actions, in all of our thoughts, in everything we do.”


R.I.P Ati Beauvoir and Many Blessings on Your Journey to the Ancestors !

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