What’s That Magickal Smell ? Kolonia 1800 Water

What’s That Magickal Smell ? Kolonia 1800 Water January 30, 2016
Kolonia 1800.
Kolonia 1800.

The religions of Haitian Vodou, New Orleans Voodoo and La Regla Lucumi (Santeria) are marked by their wonderful smells. These sacred scents are present in the form of magickal oils, incense, and waters. The waters are most often colognes, detailed formulas of herbs, oils, alcohol, and actual waters to bring about positive change. By far the most popular water is Florida Water, used in all different recipes for love, healing, and more. A close second in popularity is certainly the Cuban cologne known as Kolonia 1800. This famous formula is made by Crusellas and Company, a Cuban company that traces it’s origins back to 1863. Some websites say this product is a good cologne for men that will bring “immediate freshness,” but that isn’t it’s only purpose. There are several magickal uses for the colognes, some of which are listed below.

  • Kolonia 1800- Used for all purpose blessings and cleansings.
  • Kolonia 1800 Con Sandalo (Sandalwood)- The use of Sandalwood here adds an extra level of protection from negativity and evil.
  • Kolonia Con Lavanda (Lavendar)- Lavendar works as an all purpose psychic amplifier in your magickal recipes. It can be used for healing, protection, love, money, and more. In the religion of Brazilian Candomble it is used for all of the different Orixas.
  • Kolonia Con Vetivert- Vetivert is used to bring calm, and also blessings of love and money. It is a popular ingredient in formulas for Hi-John oil, where it is combined with Hi-John Root to give success in court cases and legal situations.
  • Kolonia with Tobacco – This is also used in court cases and spells to remove negativity.

Kolonia Consecrating Water– Use this spell formula to consecrate and charge your magickal tools and spaces.


1 cup Kolonia Water
1 cup Florida Water
1 cup Sea Water
½ cup Rose Water
Quartz crystal
White cloth

kolonia 1800 at the Voodoo Spiritual Temple, 828 N. Rampart St. New Orleans. All rights reserved.
kolonia 1800 at the Voodoo Spiritual Temple, 828 N. Rampart St. New Orleans. All rights reserved.

Place the white cloth on your altar or ritual working space. Combine all ingredients together in a large glass, or ceramic bowl on top of the cloth. Lift the bowl into the air to bless it with the ashe or energy of the universe. Alternatively you may magickally charge it with whatever method you are comfortable with. Place the ritual items you wish to consecrate on the cloth and sprinkle the water around them counterclockwise in a circle. Leave them in this circle overnight. They are then ready to use. You may put the rest of the water mixture in a spray bottle or other container and use to bless your items in future.

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