This Christian Showdown Sounds Like A Challenge- Have Fun With That !

This Christian Showdown Sounds Like A Challenge- Have Fun With That ! March 11, 2016
Spiritual showdown photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Spiritual showdown photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

Over the past few days several neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York, my hometown, have been blanketed with promotional materials from Guaracy. Guaracy is a self-proclaimed former witch doctor, turned Christian healer. “His father and mother practiced Voodoo and Witchcraft.”  I guess this is what fills the seats, and the collection plates these days. To me however, this seems like another instance of Black on Black aggression. It perpetuates stereotype and ignorance about these ancient religions. The origins of the Voodoo religion go back hundreds of years. I’m scratching my head because it seems like these methods of propaganda and misinformation should have died out with the tent revivals of the 1930’s. Theoretically the U.S. is a country of religious freedom, but when I see things like this, I feel like many’s agenda is to be an equal opportunity oppressor. Aren’t there enough problems in the world without dragging everything down to the lowest common demon denominator. People are probably wondering if I attended this event, quite frankly I’m not sure I would have made it out okay. The promotional material they distributed spoke of being plagued by shadows and dead relatives, maybe they should have read my It’s A Blue Christmas, Grandma’s Coming and She’s Dead post. In all seriousness however, there are lots of protections one can do if one feels the presence of negativity around them. Many Voodoo spells even use Holy Water and Psalms to help with protection. Honestly, I don’t want a showdown with anyone, I’m busy taking care of my needs and those of my family, spiritual and otherwise, and my clients. If by some wild chance some Christians want to discuss this with me a a rational manner, somewhere that is not an auditorium filled with people plagued with bad spirits, I’m certainly open to the possibility.

In addition these past few weeks have seen the Christian right has taken up persecution of Voodoo and Paganism online by criticizing the U. S. Air Force’s decision to grant funds to servicemen to worship these traditions in their own way. The website has reportedly uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act that ” in 2014 and 2015, the (Air Force ) Academy used its “Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund” to pay for cadets to participate in worship services featuring witchcraft, “Faery Magick,” and voodoo. The records reveal that the Air Force Academy paid to send cadets to a Wiccan festival in Denver in May 2014 and a Denver Witches Ball in October of the same year.”  For some time now the military and government institutions have made provisions for those who worship alternative traditions. The fact that Paganism and Voodoo have finally found their proper place, should be applauded, not criticized. What do you think ? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, and remember to share !

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