Blogiversary Top Tens Videos, Posts That Won’t Live, Etc. Part 2

Blogiversary Top Tens Videos, Posts That Won’t Live, Etc. Part 2 September 13, 2016
Blogiversary top ten 2016 photo by Lilith Dorsey.
Blogiversary top ten 2016 photo by Lilith Dorsey.

I’m guilty. In the first part of this post , published a few days ago, I said I would write the posts that won’t die. I’m guilty of not being honest. If I’m honest these are the posts that won’t live. That can’t live. A good friend of mine told me recently that in a heated breakup ( of anyone- friends, lovers, colleagues, families, etc.) society at large leaves you two choices- to keep silent, or to speak out and risk sounding like a lunatic. That’s the way I feel about these posts I wanted to write for you, as I think back on this, my three year blogiversary. I’d love to write about the Mambo (Vodou priestess) who abandoned her students at the airport with a bunch of human bones. And for years I’ve wanted to write about a former member of my spiritual family who just couldn’t shake her past sexual abuse trauma and confused her abusers with the Orisha themselves. I feel for her, but she needs help first before she takes on a congregation of followers. I even started to write the post about the professor (an award winning director) who gave me a bad grade in film school and then years later apologized, saying he truly came to understand and appreciate my work. I told him it was too late to change the grade, but thanks… maybe? A few times I have thought about writing about a fellow blogger who threw me out of her house in a rainstorm only because I was crying over my dead daughter, or my ex-boyfriend who abused his power in the Pagan community and sexually manipulated his students. I’m part Sicilian, and I do hold a grudge, but for now I’ll keep holding it. The world is too much with us as they say, and maybe some people, have their own lessons to learn. Instead I have decided to accentuate the positive and continue to share with you some of my favorite videos Voodoo Universe has featured over the years.

Top Ten Videos Continued (In no particular order)

  • Legba Veve -This is one of the more popular videos we have featured on youtube. It features the creation of  veve, or ritual ground drawing, for Papa Legba. Legba is the guardian of the crossroads, and helps with transitions and direction.
  • Tarot, Jodorowsky, and Questions From A Crippled Hand (Tarot, Jodorowsky e Interrogantes de una Mano Lisiada) -Anyone who knows me is aware of my deep and abiding reverence for Alejandro Jodorowsky – author, filmmaker, magician, master. I was honored to shake his hand, and deeply moved when he later choose to retweet this short film I made in honor of him.
  • Hyperdome – Many know me as a blogger, tarot reader, author and filmmaker, way fewer know me as the official priestess of the Hyperdome – A pvc geodesic dome created as a mobile, transformable, and transitional sacred space created and conceived by my friend Ivan Wetzel. Watch and see what we can do.
  • In conversation with … I’ve had a lot of conversations over the years. Here are some of the best, including a wonderful piece with two of my favorite priestesses Goddess Rhonda and Goddess Starr.

Please watch these videos if you will, subscribe and like the channel if you want, and stay tuned for more exciting posts ! In the works are an interview with the late Ms. Cleo, more on Voodoo and herbal magick, and more ! If you have enjoyed what you read here please remember to share, share, share !

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