The Ritual of the Bones

The Ritual of the Bones November 19, 2012

When I find a special bird or animal. I will bury it with crystals and other offerings. This is a sign of respect, and honor. I tell the animal’s spirit that I will be putting it to rest, and will then be bringing it back up to re-purpose its remains. I have had no trouble with any animal spirit,  but if it doesn’t feel right, don’t dig it up. When I dig up the bones, instead of doing a peroxide rinse, I place my cauldron on the fire outside, I add sacred herbs, and enter a trance, I let the cauldron come to a light boil and add the bones. I add other offerings of thanks, and hum, sway, and chant. If you are going to use the bones for any ritual purpose you MUST thank the animal, and treat them with the utmost respect. I do not leave the bones in the cauldron too long, I remove the cauldron, let the water cool and retrieve the bones. I set them out with other fresh herbs and crystals to dry, till they are ready. The spirit has been released and honored. The bones ritually consecrated with herbs and water now they can become some of your most powerful and sacred tools.

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