More of a Healer Than a Warrior

More of a Healer Than a Warrior June 2, 2017

It’s amazing how we go through life and we make mistakes, say things we mean but they get taken out of context, words twisted, and we misunderstand each other. It’s even more amazing how we learn from these things, we learn more about the world, those we come into contact with and ourselves. Each action has a reaction and they are often not what we expect them to be, but with each action and reaction we are shaped, we shift, we learn, and we heal.

Forgiving the flaws

I am brand new to mass public blogging. I have maintained a Water Witch blog since around 2012. However taking on the pathos channel means many more blog posts, at least 1 a week. I have been enjoying it very much, and I am still learning how to find balance between how my voice is heard and how I want it to be heard. I also am learning what I am really good at presenting and what I am horrible at, as well as what topics I want to focus on and what is better left to others who might be quicker to blog and more equipped to handle because they have more of a warrior spirit or can write blogs faster than I can.

Part of a healing practice is forgiving the flaws. I tend to be a perfectionist and I do tend to struggle with this from time to time. I hold myself to an impossible standard and give myself a good emotional beating when I fail, or don’t live up to expectations. I think from time to time many of us do this, though too much can be very toxic. There is a lot of wisdom in forgiving the flaws and accepting ourselves and each other, even when we don’t agree, or better yet reaching out and trying to understand while holding onto gut reactions. Its hard stuff I know!

Image by Annwyn
Image by Annwyn

A Witch that cannot hex cannot heal

A while back I mentioned that I felt that healers were like magical nurses, that work magic for healing, but can specifically focus on supporting the warriors in the community. The warrior can handle the fires of debate, protests and confrontations, this healer often times not so much. My service is better suited to healing those that tend the flames and wield the sword. As you might have noticed I am in the camp that believes that if a Witch believes that it is wise to curse that it is their right to do so, without judgement. It is said that a Witch that cannot hex cannot heal. Healing isn’t all about love and light (though that is part of it) healing often involves the darker practices, shadow work and when needed binding a toxic person from harming you or cursing an abuser. A magical path does require balance between the light and darker aspects. It is all about balance, too much of anything is going to end up being toxic, yes even too much light and love. This is an entirely different blog though…

Image by Annwyn
Image by Annwyn

A path of service

My work as a public Priestess is about service and recently it has become very clear to me that it comes from a perspective of a healing. For a while I began to think that my place was with the warriors, I became disillusioned with crystal healing and the toxic practices of mining them, everyone and their brother becoming a Reiki master and I became angry with the political climate, the murders and injustices that so many are facing. I began to move in that direction, I have been told that I have righteous anger for injustice, which I think is good thing, though it tends to get me in trouble and burns me out fast and quick.

Recently I have been talking about using our collective energy more efficiently and then it hit me that I needed to re-focus on being a healer once again. My path is that of service and healing not one of battle and confrontation. I want to be of service to those that go to battle and heal them when needed and if asked.  Healing comes in many forms and practices such as warding, protection, and energy work. It is not only hands on healing, herbal healing or crystal healing there are many other things that a healer can do and that is be of service to those that serve in the more difficult and aggressive parts of our path.

Image by Annwyn
Image by Annwyn

Be a Bridge

This past summer I was given some really good advice from a Priestess that I highly respect.  I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was about learning how to be a bridge for others and I will admit I am still learning how to lay the foundations for that, but the direction is clearer now. And now I circle back around to the Tarot card – the fool. Once again here, one foot off the cliff, back to where I took the fork in the road, with more experience, more understanding for the world, the community and myself. More of where I belong and how I can serve the community rather than distract, stir up and muddy. We all have great works, we can all be bridges and we can all find our own way, and when the path becomes unclear, we can all take a moment to sit, to understand, to heal, to grow and to refocus.

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