Meeting the Black Dog in Dream Time

Meeting the Black Dog in Dream Time May 28, 2019

I had a restless night of dreams last night, the type of night where a spectral dog visit your dreams.  It was one of those dream sessions where you wake up knowing it was important and there needs to be action on the mundane level. I knew that a dream journey was necessary. So before bed, I set ritual space by placing a small bowl of water near my bed and touching each of my sleeping crystals to wake them up and ask for their aid. Soon I sunk down into the depths of the watery dream world. The dream was calm but serious…

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I was standing in a room that had a door open to the outside. As soon as I noticed the door, I saw my own black dog, who is just a goofy lab walking into the room. He was stoic and calm which is unusual for him, it was as if he was escorting someone into the room. Sure enough, there was another black dog following him. This one was about 4x the size of my goofy lab, about the size of a horse, he had two large fangs that were not intimidating, he looked much like a pitch black Irish Wolfhound with a slightly sharper snout. His eyes were old and so wise, and he gave me a deep grounded feeling when he came near like I was safe and protected.

This dream reappeared 3 times during the night, each the same as the first, the incorporeal dog would calmly be escorted in, would look at me, then sit or stand in front of me. This stayed true until the last portion of the last dream sequence when he spoke.

When he did speak there were no words exchanged, rather a knowing, an understanding of what he wanted to tell me. He spoke in silent words and images, showing me that I needed to work some protection magic and that it was time to recharge my Evil Eye Charms. Black dogs such as this have been known to be Witches familiars and often appear when they are in need of protection, so I took this as a serious sign.

How is this related to Water Magic?

Well, there are 2 ways one from my personal gnosis and one from Folklore. In folklore, there are many places that the spectral Black Dog is said to appear. Liminal places are of course on the list, as are crossroads, however, there is a large number of sightings near canals, bridges, and other water locations.

In my own gnosis, I believe the simple ritual of placing the small clay bowl near my pillow last night made a difference in my own state of mind. In addition, I also remember glimpsing my reflection in the water as I walked it to my bed. The mirror-like quality of the water, a sleeping witch, and a little portal of blessed water was a perfect way to connect water with these spirits.  Of course, I didn’t set out to connect with the Black Dog, he is just the messenger that showed this time around.

Evil Eye Charms- Image by Annwyn

Evil eye charms are usually represented by a Blue Glass bead or pendant that has white and blue rings like that of a target or eye. It is a charm that has been used in many cultures and has a strong presence in esoteric paths.

In Europe coral was used to protect against the evil eye, so was a blue glass effigy of a sea horse. Later this use translated into the use of many forms of seahorse in evil eye warding. Amber that had been washed ashore in Scotland was strung on red thread or cord and was also used as a means of protection.

The classic eye shape especially if it is blue, or a more circular eye can both be used as well as the symbol hamsa, and shells such as cowrie that resemble eyes can also be charged and empowered to protect one from the evil eye and reverse its effects.

If you feel that you have already been affected by this malevolent glare, asperging yourself with fresh herbs such as Rue can be an effective counter curse. If you don’t have access to Rue, classic Silvered Water can be used to help remove the curse. (Instructions on how to make silvered water and many other types can be found in my book click here to find out more) This can be done by asperging or even taking a sacred bath. This water is quite effective if stored in a Cobolt Blue Bottle!  If you already have a bunch of evil eye charms and are in need of just re-charging them consider using the silvered water to re-consecrate them with their protective intent.

So if you are ever visited by a Black Dog, Spectral spirit or Water Fae that decide to warn you of incoming malevolence I hope some of these ideas help you!

You can learn more about the Evil Eye here 

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