Reflections on North Carolina and Mystic South

Reflections on North Carolina and Mystic South July 31, 2019

It has been almost 2 weeks now since I arrived home from my Southern East Coast Water Magic Tour! Of course, I came home to a quick nap and then threw myself shimmy first into dance. There is a large dance festival here in Portland the first weekend in August. I have committed to two performances, one with Sedona SoulFire and the 2nd with Valouria where will be performing our Queen Mab piece from our larger Ritual Theater Show, Shatter Spell. I had wanted to sit down right away and write a quick re-cap. However, I had to focus my time on refining choreography and sewing costumes! I have finally taken a break for just a few moments so here are my memories from the South.

Shells on TopSail Island – Image by Annwyn

While I love the pacific northwest dearly and I do feel it fits my lifestyle perfectly if I was a mermaid I would have belonged to the Atlantic or perhaps she would belong to me. I don’t know if it is past life memory, ancestral memory or just a longing for a place I dearly love, but arriving in North Carolina and stepping foot on Topsail beach was more than coming home, it was a necessary reunion. I could feel her salty presence calling me deep within my bones, deep within my sleep.

I arrived on Friday and spent the evening with my dear Witch and Priestess friend. We ate at a Celtic pub and then headed home to sleep. Saturday we headed to Greenville. I had such a wonderful time visiting my old friend Heron Michelle at her shop The Sojourner. I taught a lengthy workshop and did a meditation with three sacred waters from Aqua Sulis, Chalice Well and the White Spring. We journeyed into the otherworld, through an enchanted well and down into the realms of the subaqueous watery faery. Here we communed with Water Priestess and the great Goddess Sulis herself.

Sunday I visited an old shop in Wilmington that has new owners and a new vibe, Mystic Elements. I really enjoyed teaching this class and I was able to commune with dear souls about water, ancestors and the magic of the Ocean! Monday during the day I rested, but in the evening I headed to Jacksonville to another soul sister’s shop, The Peddle and the Crow. Here I taught a class on The Magic of the Sea, to my surprise it was sold out! We had such a wonderful class and we got to chat about shells, charms, working with the tides, moon, and many sea spirits. I was gifted a beautiful shell by one of the attendees. Overall it was a great time and I loved teaching and meeting so many watery souls!

July Full Moon – Image by Annwyn

I could not resist the call of the ocean any longer, on the full moon on the way back from the Jacksonville class I convinced my friend to take the long way home. So we stop for a quick visit at the beach. I almost cried as we pulled up to the small parking lot, and I climbed the stairs to the beach. The moon was full, I could feel thick shells under my feet and the waves gently lapping up on the shore. It sounded like soft lullabies of a mother lulling her children to sleep. Though it was a quick visit I vowed to return soon.

The next morning my alarm buzzed at 5 am. Coffee was made and I headed back to Topsail to watch the sunrise. I walked for a few hours until I gave in and just dove into the water. I didn’t bring my swimsuit, but I didn’t care I was already wet and covered in sand from walking to close to the waves. So I floated in the gentle waves for a long time, just listening to her soft song. The sun got too high in the sky and the heat started to bother my fair Celtic skin and so I carried my pile of shells home. The following day I repeated this process knowing it was probably the last time I would be able to visit her for at least another year.

That evening I ventured out to a secluded grove with my friend for a magical photoshoot, which unsurprisingly ended in the water. As we hiked to the location with our magical photographer we collected bones bleached by the sun and observed little crabs scurrying here and there. It was my friend’s first photoshoot and we had fun posing and playing in the trees, sand, and water. When we were finished and I had dried off enough we headed to eat dinner on the beach. We were able to munch on deliciously prepared food while we watched the moon rise over the ocean. It was also the night of the eclipse and while we were not able to see it, the moon turned a red color as it moved higher up in the sky. The evening ended too soon and we headed home. The next day I visited the beach at sunrise again and spend the day visiting with witch family and friends.

Triskele Rose Witches – Eastern North Carolina

Thursday I met up with Heron Michelle again and we headed down to Atlanta for Mystic South. This was my first time attending the conference and I was presenting! It was a really nice convention, the hotel was very nice and everyone I met was so friendly and welcoming. Thursday evening we ate with friends and enjoyed the merriment of fellowship.

Friday I was too excited to teach my class on Sacred Springs and Holy Wells and ended up skipping all the classes and focusing only on my presentation. This is one of my favorite water topics and to be honest, One hour wasn’t enough! Though I was happy to be given space to share my passion so no complaints here! I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended my class and purchased a book! I love that there are so many people interested in Water Magic!

Saturday I attended a class by Jason Mankey, it was the first of his I had attended and he didn’t disappoint! I have been a little interested in fiber magic and weaving so after talking to a lovely lady in the vending area who showed me how to weave a belt I decided to take the class on fiber magic. I learned all about spinning as well as the magical and historical practices associated with it. I again ate dinner with dear friends and shared conversations with new acquaintances! I kept the night short as I was leaving first thing Sunday morning to return to my life here in Oregon and to step back into furious dance preparation!


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