3 Ways to Make Sun Water

3 Ways to Make Sun Water August 13, 2019

So often we make and use Moon Water, but have you ever considered making water infused with the energy of the sun? Sun water is fun to make, easy to use and can connect you with the energy of the sun. Within my own practice, the acknowledgment of the Sun plays an important part. For the Celts the Sun was sacred, it was worshiped in many forms. For me, I found my way to Sun reverence within my quest to learn the many ancient water practices of my ancestors.  Deep within my bones, there was always a pull to the homeland of my ancestors and their practices. I found through this quest there were many temples within the Celtic and Gallo-Roman world that not only worshiped the sun but were associated with sacred water sites as well.

Sun Water
Sun Water – Image by Canva

One such place is Bath, where the ancient Celtic people worshiped the great goddess Sulis. Sulis whose name is associated with the Sun was worshiped in Bath, at the site of the only thermal springs in Britain. Later the Romans occupied this area and built a huge temple complex, and again much later during the Christian occupation, there was a magnificent cathedral built. No matter the religion, this temple complex is sacred ground.

I have had the immense pleasure of visiting this place and gathering water from the drinking fount bringing forth warm drinking water. However there are times I wish to connect with Sulis and I don’t have the water from her spring, or so I create ritual water through devotion, chant and a little magic!

Sulis Sun Offering Water

To make a Sulis Sun Offering Water you will want to gather spring water, a gold-colored bowl (brass or copper is great!) You may wish to add yellow sun-like flowers such as yellow daisy, calendula, or yellow roses. You can also add yellow calcite or citrine. All you need to do is start with a clean vessel, pour your water into the bowl, add your other offerings or energetic tools. Then say your incantations or prayers over the water, being sure to speak them into the water. You can also blow the surface of the water with your intentions and breath, this will produce a noticeable disruption to the surface. Let this water then sit out under the bright sun for 9 hours.

Once it is ready you can remove your crystals, and bring the water to your temple. You can then give it to her with your other offerings. After some time you may wish to pour the water back into the earth perhaps in a section of your garden dedicated to her!

* Note! Be sure to set the intent for your crystals before you use them. If they are being used to charge the water as a tool and you wish to reuse them set this intention before. If not and you wish to give this as part of your offering leave them in the water!

Below are two more waters for you to consider using in your practice!

Annwyn in The Temple of Sulis

Sunstone Water

Sunstone Water is exactly what it sounds like. You will take a round tumbled sunstone, and place it in a bowl of water. You can choose any type of water for this as the water is not for ingesting. On a Sunday at dawn, you will place your sunstone in the bowl of water and allow the stone to sit until dusk when it will be removed. The water then will be infused with the energy of both the sun and the stone.

This water can be used to anoint candles, charm bags or as blessing water.

*Note! Sunstone contains aluminum so it is best not to ingest this. If you wish to create sunstone water that you can drink, consider making an essence instead. You can do this by placing the stone in a small bowl, then that bowl inside a larger bowl. You then pour the water in the larger bowl and allow it to infuse with the vibrations of the stones, without the water actually touching the stone. If you are worried about any other stone’s toxicity it is better to be cautious and use this method instead! For a list of toxic stones click here

Sun Light Water

This water is pretty easy to make and is the one that is safe to ingest! You will need a clear glass bowl, a picture of the sun, spring water, and an outside surface.

You will take your items outside where the sun is shining. You will then place the image of the sun on a flat surface and place the bowl on top. Then pour your water into the bowl. Once this is finished, lift the bowl up to the sun till you know the light is dancing on the water and it is getting direct sunlight. Speak your incantations, chant or charge the water at this point with the bowl raised and the sun shining down.  Place the bowl back down over the image of the sun and let it sit for 3 hours. Then retrieve it and use it in solar energy spells, baths, anointing water, blessing water etc.

Charging Sun Water- Image by Nadia Images




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