3 ways to use Water in Protection Magic

3 ways to use Water in Protection Magic January 21, 2020

Water is a diverse element embodying both light and dark, death and birth. It is an element of fluidity, but also solid and unmoving. It is also a great shapeshifter. While water is usually associated with healing, it is a fierce element to work with in protection magic as well. You might be wondering how to even begin. Really there are many ways to work with water in protection magic. Some include using the water itself, calling on the energy of the element or the spirits that dwell within the water. Another way is through visualization to protect your energetic space. Below are 3 simple and easy ways to begin working with water in protection magic.

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Protection Magical Bath

If you have followed my blog for a while you have probably noticed that I post about sacred bathing quite often. I really love floating in the water and soaking up its healing qualities. However, bathing can be taken from a magical point of view as well. Magical and Sacred bathing are actually two different things, but that is a topic for another blog. In this case, taking a Magical Bath with herbs and salt can bring the energies of protection to you. There are numerous herbs that can be combined with water in protection magic. As long as you are familiar with them and know they are safe to bathe in you can pick your own. I recommend Rose, Rosemary, Basil, St. Johns wort, Angelica, Bay or Hawthorn. Other herbs that you may find useful, especially if the thing you need protecting from has already entered your magical space and/or aura, are Rue and Hyssop. You will begin by filling your tub with water to your desired requirements. Add a few pinches of Sea Salt. Then you will call upon the spirit of the plant you are working with and employ it to aid in your protection. Then sink in, and enjoy the water! However, while you are enjoying it you should also run through a visualization and create a protective bubble around your energetic space as you are enjoying the water. When you are finished, pull the plug and see all the bane flow down the drain!

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Protection with Saltwater

Salt is used by many witches for a variety of reasons one of the most popular is for protection. As a watery natured person, I most often tend to select sea salt. I even got to make a little when I was living in Okinawa many years ago. It’s a powerful little jar of handmade sea salt that packs a punch! You can add sea salt to a protection bath, you can use it to protect your space and you can make saltwater to use in warding on windows and in ritual! All you do is take 3 pinches of salt, stir the water in a sunwise direction and say a little blessing. You can then take the water and draw pentagrams or protective bindrune on the windows of your home, your doors, or doorstep etc. You can also use it to bless ritual tools, circle space and coveners that you are working with.

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Protection using Waterfall visualization

The final way to work with water that I will be discussing today is to use the energies of water in a visualization. If you have water that you have previously collected from a waterfall you can begin by connecting with it at your altar space. Perhaps you can begin by anointing your forehead, heart center and palms. If you don’t,  no worries! You don’t need the water to make this work. Truth be told you may need to whip this out in a pinch, and won’t have time for the ritual anointing. However, if this is part of your daily practice give the anointing a try! Once you have done that, or find that you are in need of energy protection immediately, begin to visualize the energies of a waterfall. See the waterfall as if you are standing behind it and it is protecting you from what is on the other side. See the energies of the falling water constantly cleansing your own energies. If you need a bit more, visualize yourself standing under the water and being cleansed from head to toe. Now do be careful and don’t stand under a waterfall in the mundane physical world. Not all waterfalls are safe and some may be so powerful it can hurt you or bring rocks crashing down. Not all waterfalls have a soft elegant flow, some are powerful and can throw you off balance so always be careful. Working with the visualization though won’t hurt you, in fact, it can help shield your energy from unwanted energetic intruders. Try this visualization next time you are near a waterfall or pull it out in an emergency.

About Annwyn Avalon
Annwyn Avalon is a Water Witch, Water Priestess, and the founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition. She has devoted her life to the study of art, witchcraft, and magic. She is an initiated Witch and Priestess, Reiki Master Teacher, award-winning Dancer, published author and has a BFA in sculpture, BA in Anthropology with emphasis on plant and human interactions and has received an apprentice certificate in Herbalism. She writes for the Magical Times Magazine in the UK and has contributed to other published works such as The New Aradia a Witches handbook for resistance. She is the author of Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition and forthcoming Weiser book about Water (2020). Visit her at www.WaterWitchcraft.com, www.WaterPriestess.com and www.TriskeleRose.com You can read more about the author here. You can read more about the author here.

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