Who is Kristy Burmeister?

Kristy Burmeister is a former southerner, former Mennonite, former pastor’s kid, and a new Catholic convert (as of 2018.)

She is the author of Act Normal: Memoir of a Stumbling Block, a memoir about her experience with a stalker in her church and her long, long road back to Christianity.

Kristy is that weird aunt who lets you stay up all night and listen to music your parents wouldn’t approve of. She was the annoying fundamentalist girl in your high school who wore a WWJD bracelet and kept inviting you to join her Bible study until she became that annoying girl at your college who drank all the Zima. She may or may not be a Millennial. Nobody can figure it out.

She often writes about church-related trauma, her decade-long break from Christianity, sexualized violence, disability, feminism, poverty, and suffering. She’ll also be writing about her ongoing slow, spiraling journey into Catholicism.

You can connect with Kristy Burmeister on Facebook  or Twitter.