Wayward Woman: a woman who is wild, unpredictable, perhaps perverse, difficult to control.

This is a space for all of the wayward women, a place of healing, of sharing. A space for binding up wounds. A space where we natter deep into the night and tell the secrets that untie the knots the bind our minds and our bodies to the will of Man.

Melinda Robinson is a wanton feminist, mother of seven, and survivor of traditional Catholicism. Several years ago, at the urging of her children, she left an abusive marriage and began the work of trying to retrieve God from the wreckage of a faith where women had to plead, often ignored, for their voices to be heard and respected. Eventually she came to see God not as a victim buried in a broken church, but as part of the wreckage himself. Her wayward journey has now brought her to agnostic atheism and Patheos Nonreligious.