Podcast: Margaret Blair Young interviewed by Terryl Givens

Podcast: Margaret Blair Young interviewed by Terryl Givens December 9, 2018

The link to this inteview is here

When I recorded this interview with Terryl, I knew that I was being divinely led on some productive adventures in Africa.  I knew I was making a film, though my original vision of what that film would be and who I would make it with were being re-shaped even as I spoke with Terryl.

As I write this today, December 9, 2018, the film has become a truly African film and my place in it has been (by my own decision) subordinated.  I am a co-author with Tshoper Kabambi of a film which we hope will launch real cinema in the DR-Congo.

Almost exactly two years ago, when the film project hit a barrier which most would have called insurmountable, I wrote these words, with the instructions to myself to open the email in two years (NOW): “I will be set to do whatever the Lord wants me to do.”

His design has proved far better than my own.

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