Endangered Albinos in the DR-Congo

Endangered Albinos in the DR-Congo April 8, 2024

When my husband and I were missionaries in Mbuji Mayi, DR-Congo, we noticed that there were many albino people. When we traveled to Ngandajika, we met some doctors from Spain who were there to treat Albino children, many of whom had tumors. That was two years ago. Today, we are finishing a film which features several albino actors, and we are working to support doctors in the area (Kasai province). These doctors remove tumors and otherwise treat skin conditions endemic to the albino population, and work for very little pay. We also hope to get albino children into schools. The featured photo shows Adele, who is an orphan without any support for school, though she is literate.

Tragically, physical issues are not the only ones faced by albinos. They are often abandoned, and sometimes accused of being witches. Some are killed to provide ingredients which “fetishers” have indicated will magically bring wealth and good luck. This issue was huge in Tanzania, and the government addressed it head-on. Tanzania, according to Dr. Maria “Chus” Torres, has reduced the problem of albino people being murdered. But in other parts of Africa, including the Congo, mercenaries are sometimes employed to get albino limbs for “magical” purposes. At Congo Rising we are working to address the multiple problems the albino people face. Our immediate needs are:

* Electric scalpel
*Complete cryotherapy and cryomassage kit
* A portable sterilization device
* A box of forceps for dermatological surgery
* A dermatome


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