Revising the Lord’s Prayer

Revising the Lord’s Prayer July 16, 2018

The Lord’s Prayer, revised for Moral Therapeutic Deism

With thanks and apologies to Dorothy Sayers:


Our ungendered parent,

You who dwell beyond time and space,

Unnumbered are your names,

Your new world order come,

Our vision of your will be done,

On earth, as it accords with our preferences.


Give us this day

Confidence in our basic goodness,

And forgive us the minor errors we may have made,

Just as we forgive those who agree with us.


And lead us not into sadness about our condition,

But lead us further along the arc of history,

In which we will make our vision of justice a reality.


For the collective work of our hands,

And the righteousness of our cause,

Reflects nicely on you,

Now and forevermore.



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