Fathers, you will never be cool

Fathers, you will never be cool September 26, 2022

I came across an interview with Mark Wahlberg not long ago in which an interviewer asked Wahlberg, “Do your kids think that you are the cool dad?”  Wahlberg responded, “No, not at all.”  He went on to note that if he could introduce his children to someone that they thought was cool, he might be, for a moment.  But, in general, he said, no, if anything, “they might be embarrassed by all of it.”

It is not a lengthy video.  But it raises questions about the role of fathers.  That’s an enormous, wide-ranging subject that can’t be treated in a short space, but as a prompt for your own thinking about the subject, here are a few thoughts:


Fathers, when you pray for your children:


It is worth remembering that you will never be cool.

It is better to be their fathers than their friends.

It is better to offer them wisdom than cater to their demands.

It is better to risk their disapproval than “keep the peace”.

It is better to tell the truth than shelter them in half-truths.

It is better to prepare them for life than protect them from it.

It is better to offer them a path than to let others dictate it.

It is better to witness to your faith than avoid hard conversations.


When they are young, they will need your protection.

As they grow, they will need your guidance.

As they become adults, they will need your counsel.

They will always need to know you are there for them.

They will always need to know that you love them.


But you will never be cool.

And that’s ok.


Photo by Joice Kelly on Unsplash

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