The Problem with Zombie Sex

The Problem with Zombie Sex June 22, 2012

Gina’s Bio: Gina is a performance coach that works predominantly with collegiate and professional athletes who are experiencing performance issues within their specific sport. Gina is also the co-host of Sexy Marriage Radio and also works under the brand, Winning At Romance With Gina Parris. In this podcast interview we chat about everything from quantum physics to you guessed it, sex! Besides the links I’ve already have provided above for you, you may also find Gina on twitter here or your Facebook Winning At Romance page here.

The Problem with Zombie Sex

By Gina Parris

“Wow, “ Paul said, “There is a magazine for every single possible subject.”

We had stopped in the store to grab a greeting card, but the rack behind us caught our attention.

I picked up a magazine completely devoted to zombies. Flipping through the pages, I felt slightly nauseated by the gory images. I didn’t know if I should laugh or groan.

I looked at my husband and made a face. He shrugged and reached for a familiar Muscle and Fitness.

I walked out thinking of zombies and modern culture. Hmmmm. If you are a fan of gory fantasy, more power to you. It’s just that most of my mindset triggers back to the bedroom and well, this reminds me of a problem:

Zombie sex.

I don’t mean gruesome monster -acts where a bloody creature bites you and you turn into a zombie. No. I’m pretty out of the loop on such things, but for all I know, that kind of weird fantasy is probably in vogue somewhere.

No, this true pandemic is zombie sex of a different nature.

It’s homo-sapien sex all right, but void of passion and pleasure and connection.

Zombie-sex is love-making without the love. The only thing in the making then, is stress and frustration.

Modern zombie sex is what happens when people are not connected to their true essence or to their spouse. It’s empty.

Can passion be revived in this case?


Let’s take some action against the death-blows.

Here is Rule #1:

Love without Passion is NOT an option.

When your intimate life is suffering, your whole life is suffering, so it’s time to shake off the zombie and make a move:

1. Wake it Up

Wake up your masculine or your feminine passion. Stand in your strength. Revel in your beauty. Get in touch with your senses and look at what is right instead of what is wrong with your mate, your body, your life. Something is worth celebrating. Get in touch with whatever that is.

2. Shake it Up

Shake Up your routine. It’s been said that a rut is just a grave with both ends kicked out. What rut are you in? Climb out. Do something TODAY that will shake up your routine. You can start with something as simple as your diet, your exercise routine, your surroundings, your wardrobe. Become more congruent with who you really want to be.

Then change the approach you make towards your mate. Be sexy. Be seductive. Expect something good to happen and get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Challenging the status quo in the most intimate part of your life is a little scary. It’s not safe, but neither is wasting away in an unconscious stupor.

Shake it up. There’s an erotic break-through across that threshold of “comfort.”

3. Make it Up

Throw away the old script about how sex is boring and your mate is unadventurous. Throw away the script that says sex always happens in this order just like last time. You really might be boring your mate to tears. Make up a new story. Play a new role. Get intimate. Be present and try something different than last time.


You can focus on pleasure. You can focus on breathing. Yes, breathing. Try this:

Sit across from your mate and place your right hand on each other’s heart. Then look into each other’s eyes as you synchronize your deep breathing. Look for that soul that you fell in love with. See into their heart. You might find this moment more intimate than sex.

Make up your own happy ending and be open to following a connection that goes someplace you did not expect.

If you do these things, you will start to rekindle the passion.

What is Rule #2?

That would be to refer back to Rule #1:

Love without passion is NOT an option.

Neither sex like a zombie.

Now get after it!

I believe in you.

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