We Are “Made As Makers”

We Are “Made As Makers” June 23, 2012

Steve Knight of knightopia.com, and my partner in crime, has provided the next guest post here on the Whiskey Preacher as I continue to heal from my surgery (which I will talk about in the next installment of Ministering In The Midst Of Pain).

We Are “Made As Makers”
By Steve Knight

At last year’s Wild Goose Festival, Callid Keefe-Perry was camped out, recording video interviews with people for a full-length documentary project he was working on. That film has now been finished and made available online. It’s called Made As Makers, and the theme of the film is perspectives on faith and creativity.

It’s fun to watch and hear the various viewpoints on art and spirituality, especially from friends of mine who were interviewed, such as Dwight Friesen and Susi Sahlman (among others).

One of my favorite quotes, though, comes from Michelle Sanchez who says, “God is a divine party that has been happening for all of eternity, and who had so much fun that he decided to open up that party, to extend it, to invite me to join him, and so I’ve accepted that invitation. It’s been absolute thrill to be a guest at God’s party.” I love that.

As Callid explains, “The film was created with hopes that it would be used as a jumping off point for communities to have their own deepening conversations. It was produced to serve as a catalyst for congregations that want to find ways to connect to one another and reflect on the many ways that God moves in the world.”

We need more resources like Made As Makers that capture conversations and create further discussion in communities of faith. A good bit of this documentary feels like an Emergent cohort conversation to me, and I’m reminded again of the virtue of dialogue (to steal that phrase from Chris Smith, who wrote the e-book on this!).

And we need more hosts like Callid, who opens and closes the film with beautiful words of his own. I’m so convinced that the roles of host and curator are so important for this era we’re living in right now, that I’m hopeful more people will discover and utilize the gifts and resources available from communities like The Art of Hosting.

I’m looking forward to continuing this conversation about faith and art this week at the second annual Wild Goose Festival — with Callid and so many other creative, beautiful people. Phil Shepherd (The Whiskey Preacher himself) and I are officially announcing an exciting creative project of our own this week at the festival, so stay tuned for more news on that!

Made as Makers from Callid Keefe-Perry on Vimeo.

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