Creative Existence Part 3: Creative Existence

Creative Existence Part 3: Creative Existence May 22, 2013

God is bigger than our ivory towers, dusty pews, and empty parking lots. Outside The Grey is a Made For Internet T.V. series that focuses on creative ways for us to explore spirituality by redefining what sacred is outside the walls the institutional Christian Church. Creative people surround me (which I am profoundly thankful for) and this is a story to be shared, of creativity from someone in my inner circle: Shae Cottar and his Journey InTo A Creative Existence. An inspiration to us all, this three-part interview maps out Shae’s intriguing journey — from being a Southern Baptist Minister, to a charismatic worship leader, to a church planter, to an esoteric spiritual director, and to the launch of his business venture Creative Existence.

Creative Existence is the brainchild of Shae and his business partner/co-conspirator, Denise Hinson, who was recently featured on a TED Talk, “Helping Others Ignite Their Creativity.” According to Shae and Denise, Creative Existence’s mission is this: “To inspire and create. To empower and engage. Creative Existence is involved in a full-blown conspiracy. We are fomenting a conspiracy to equip people to be who they were intended to be. We inspire people to create. We empower people to engage their full potential.”

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