December 3, 2016

  Amanda and Harley Mathews are the creative geniuses behind what has now become one the MUST HAVES handmade jewellery lines in the Southwest region of the United States. In this interview I ask Amanda about the humble beginnings of Love Is A Seed and how it went from creating “Alt Christian” jewelry to creating an interfaith phenomenon. Listen to Amanda tell how Harley and herself see their making of jewelry, no matter what faith narrative they are making the... Read more

November 26, 2016

  Born Sarah Jane Woodall, Wonder Hussy is…to quote herself an “iconoclast!” I would also add that Wonder Hussy in addition to being an iconoclast, she is a Vegas powerhouse that I would point  any of the younger women in my family to as a strong role model for women of all ages you believe in these things called DREAMS. Wonder Hussy found her niche in life through blogging, photography, host of her own YouTube channel, and eventually one of... Read more

November 21, 2016

Terry Shanks of Terry Shanks Knives is one of my dearest friends in the entire world and is a true artist who’s medium happens to be hand crafted steel…that’s right Terry is a masterful blade-smith who’s last name is actually Shanks (insert snide remark here…if you dare). If you are patient, looking for are functional piece art that is a ONE-OF-A-KIND that has been crafted specially for you, seeking a trustworthy personal defense option that has a conceal to carry... Read more

November 8, 2016

Kathy Silveira Escobar is hands down one of my favorite people in the world. Kathy an amazing author, kick-ass pastor, phenomenal public speaker, and I am truly humbled and honored to call her friend.  Kathy is one of the co-founding pastors of The Refuge in the greater Denver area, an amazing author which you can find Kathy’s books by clicking here.  Kathy is an inspiration to many of us and that is why she is my guest on this episode... Read more

November 6, 2016

    AW is an scholar, theologian, and above all else a queer activist with a leading voice for the LGBTQ community and their fight for equality. We had an amazing chat on Are We Missing The Point? Podcast touching on different topics form growing up Southern Baptist, to teaching me new inclusive vocabulary that will hopefully evolve me into better humanbeing in the long run!     This groundbreaking podcast is the brainchild of the Whiskey Preacher, Phil Shepherd... Read more

October 21, 2016

Dilshad D. Ali, author of Muslimah Next Door and senior editor for the Muslim Channel here on Patheos is the inaugural guest for my new podcast Are We Missing The Point Podcast?! This groundbreaking podcast is the brainchild of the Whiskey Preacher, Phil Shepherd and his producer Josh Mitchell to couple with Phil’s up and coming first solo book project. It simply asks the question: Are We Missing the Point? The point of what some may ask? The point of... Read more

July 27, 2016

Here is a sermon I preached awhile back at First Christian Church of Cleburne…much love to them for having me as their guest!   Read more

July 25, 2016

Where is hope? Where is hope when there is none to be found? Where is hope? Where is hope when all you see is the reflection of failure when you stare into the mirror? Where is hope? Where is hope when your loved ones are judged by the the color of their skin and not by the love in their hearts? Where is hope? Where is hope when every breath you take feels like pieces of coarse sandpaper rubbing against... Read more

May 27, 2015

“Fuck it!” I screamed loudly to the internal voice that was nagging me inside my head…then I got naked. Dan Aykroyd as an ambulance driver in the closing moments of 1983’s Twilight Zone: The Movie asked this simple, yet chilling question, “you wanna see something really scary?” This question haunted me in that moment when I began my downward spiral into my own personal Twilight Zone nightmare; I could hear Dan Akroyd’s voice creepily asking me over and over again,... Read more

May 26, 2015

I hate being naked. Without being arrogant, I know that I am an attractive human being…well at least on my good days I do. To quote the movie The Butterfly Effect, “I guess charisma and eyeliner go a long way.” Ashton Kutcher character was referring to his Goth influenced/hefty sized roommate played by Ethan Suplee who seemed to be able to hook up with any hot girl he wanted to. Though I don’t wear eyeliner these days, and I don’t... Read more

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