Journal Of A Postmodern Prophet (The Road of Life)

Journal Of A Postmodern Prophet (The Road of Life) June 18, 2014

Once again we come to a time and space in which I was writing/journaling on a frequent basis and I was exploring some of the darker crevices of my innermost being….journey with me if will, to the fork in the road so many of us must face in our lives. Many years ago when I was in seminary I was asked to submit an assignment – creating a collection of my writings chronicling my faith journey over the years. With strong encouragement from my community, the Journal Of A Postmodern Prophet was created. Interestingly enough, it was my professors who came up with the journal’s title…possibly for all the shit stirring I caused over the years. I will warn you in advance that some of the language is still somewhat evangelical in places, since some of these writings were pulled from a span of writings I did between the ages of 18 – 25…so please have some grace with me. Even though my own seminary, Truett Seminary at Baylor University where I graduated from and from which this project was birthed, will not have much to do with me theses days; however, I am thankful for my time there and for pushing me to become whom I am today…The Whiskey Preacher!


The Road of Life

The rays of a darken sun

Fall upon my blemished life

Blind leading the blind

Is where my journey takes me

At the edge of the world

The judgment of my life comes to a fork in the road

One of emptiness

One of happiness

The path of emptiness leads to a heart of darkness

The path of happiness is covered with trials and tribulations

The light at the end makes the journey victorious

So I stand in the road and ask myself

Where do I go next?


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