Journal Of A Postmodern Prophet (Life)

Journal Of A Postmodern Prophet (Life) June 25, 2014

It is what it is…you be the judge. Many years ago when I was in seminary I was asked to submit an assignment – creating a collection of my writings chronicling my faith journey over the years. With strong encouragement from my community, the Journal Of A Postmodern Prophet was created. Interestingly enough, it was my professors who came up with the journal’s title…possibly for all the shit stirring I caused over the years. I will warn you in advance that some of the language is still somewhat evangelical in places, since some of these writings were pulled from a span of writings I did between the ages of 18 – 25…so please have some grace with me. Even though my own seminary, Truett Seminary at Baylor University where I graduated from and from which this project was birthed, will not have much to do with me theses days; however, I am thankful for my time there and for pushing me to become whom I am today…The Whiskey Preacher!



Into my lungs You breathe words

Within the circle of judgment I sit

Plagued with darkness  that consumes my light

Alone I am a tourist within my own mind

Your story plays like movie throughout my memories

In the circus sideshow

I live out my journey

A well of tears rains within my soul

A yoke of transition I carry

With the hope of restoration to come

Hated with disbelief is my punishment

From the ones who live inside

My bones burn with an indwelling

Allowing nothing but vulgarities

To the naked eye

Tempted by the starvation for the norm

You pull me away

I sit with the world all around

Will I ever have peace

Or will I always have a message?



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