*Unless March 27, 2014

unless1Today, I read some people talking about how absolutely certain they are that Jesus would never ever hire a homosexual, and how appalling is the very thought.

And I got confused.

Because The Story of God as read in the Bible involved the “employment” of habitual adulterers (Abraham, David, Israel, etc), prostitutes (Rahab, Mary Magdalene, Israel), murderers (Moses, David again, S/Paul, Israel), greedy thieving tax collectors (Matthew, Israel), violence-prone ear-cutting-off-deniers (Peter, Israel), hot-headed zealots (James and John, Israel), idolators (Israel, Israel, Israel)…

You know, all these blatant sinners who, despite meeting God over and over, kept right on sinning and also kept right on being covered by His blood, which necessarily either covers all or none.

So… I’m just thinking that among such company in God’s “employ,” a monogamous gay person might be the least of His concerns.

It’s not about sinners, anyway, or about sin. After all, The first Adam lumped us all together as “hopeless, Unless…”

It’s about Jesus, the Other Adam… the Unless.

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