I Am Pro-Life*

I Am Pro-Life* July 9, 2014

(*actually, wholly, totally, 100%, not-just-anti-abortion)


I am anti-violence. Anti-death penalty.

I am against anything that would create an enemy of my neighbor – even my violent, criminal neighbor – and make him a monster deserving annihilation, rather than the beloved of God needing desperately to be reminded of who he is to whom he belongs.


I am against the weaponizing of people, and especially the church. Our war is won and the Victor is Christ, who achieved victory through His own shed blood and no one else’s.


I believe that no child, no matter where she was born, and no matter how she came under our care, should go hungry or naked or homeless or diseased. And so I believe immigrant children ought to be cared for as refugees, who’ve been sent or abandoned by parents or trafficking lords and have thankfully fallen into better hands.

>>Lord, may our hands be better hands!<<


I am anti-abortion.

I believe that every child should be a wanted child, and that no child should be discarded as an unpreventable accident. So I champion a woman’s free access to contraceptives that promote her health and significantly decrease the abortion rate where universally available. I champion comprehensive sex education that provides young people with an accurate and full knowledge of their actions and consequences, and free, unhindered, unquestioned access to protection against pregnancy and more. Because while I cannot control their behavior, I can exercise due diligence by ensuring they know what they need to know, to prevent what they need to prevent. I can control whether or not I bury my own head in the sand and vicariously contribute to rates of abortions and STDs among our youth.


I am not merely anti-abortion.

I champion the lives of the unborn, and the lives of their mothers on whose health these little ones depend. Therefore, I champion public services like WIC, food stamps, universal healthcare, public education, and subsidized housing, because an unborn child is no healthier than the woman carrying him. And if a pregnant mother is denied healthy foods, a safe home, and proper prenatal care, whether or not her bank account affords her those things, her unborn child will suffer too. Because no child should go hungry or sick just because his parents are poor. Not even the unborn.


I am not merely pro-birth.

I champion the lives of the newborn, who return with their mothers to the same homes, same refrigerators, same incomes, same health care, and same neighborhoods as when they were in the womb.

So I champion universal healthcare for mother and child, WIC, food stamps, and public education that gives children born into poverty a chance to rise above. I champion grants and scholarships that give impoverished parents a chance at a higher education and better career, so their children may reap the benefits of a stable home.

I champion a working-mother’s right to respectable maternity leave, and to pump her child’s breast milk at work, and affordable subsidized access to child care while she works. Because no working mother should have to choose between paying her daycare provider and paying for dinner, or having to quit her job and doing neither.

I champion healthy, free school meals, because no child should starve simply because his parents either cannot afford to send him to school with lunch, or are working multiple jobs and thus are not around to make it for him.


I am anti-war, because I believe even the “peace” presumably beget by war is only enjoyed by those whose hearts and souls and psyches are disconnected from the horrors of war. Because such peace is ever only temporary, and it comes at the grave cost of soldiers who return from the battlefield with unseen, unspeakably deep wounds that send too many into deep depression and saddle them with PTSD, and too often are the reason they take their own lives. And no one should have to live like that.


Above all, I believe and hope and pray and champion a Living and Active Spirit of God in His church, compelling His people to be His hands and feet to LOVE and serve and champion the hungry and poor, the mother and her children both born and unborn, the pregnant teen and the violent criminal, the immigrant and the refugee… And to do so without condition, no questions asked, all the way, every time, so that these scourges of our age – war and violence and abortion and abandonment – can be done with once and for all.

I am a pacifist.

Or, as we say:

[EDIT: In a previous version, I said, “I can control whether or not I bury my own head in the sand and vicariously contribute to climbing rates of abortions and STDs among our youth.” It was poorly worded, and has been changed. I recognize that abortion rates among teenagers are NOT, in fact, climbing.]

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  • Kristy

    I am Pro-Life. I believe that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but those rights do not get to trump anyone else’s rights. I also, “believe and hope and pray and champion a Living and Active Spirit of God in His church,” that He would move His people to be the hands and feet to WILLINGLY serve, provide, and nourish those around who are less fortunate. For when it is forced, the giver and the recipient are robbed of the blessing of a gift. When a gift of love, given in a time of need, becomes an expectation and entitlement to excuse a lack of personal responsibility, no one really wins. I too believe that no child should be cold or hungry, but I want to choose where my money goes, not trust a bloated government to do the choosing. I do give to church, and charity, and more, and am currently looking into how to give more service to meeting needs. However, I do not believe that birth control is a need or a right, except the right of abstinence, which is free, and I do not want my money to pay for it. I will gladly help pay for needed medical care, but much care today is not truly needed, and involves far too much costly intervention. There are better ways, that do not cost as much. If you feel differently, by all means, seek someone out and offer to pay for their birth control. Offer to pay for their induction, to better fit their schedule. I have no problem with others paying for things which they support, but I very much resent other people telling me where to spend my money! Charity is the work of the church, not the government. When did we become a nation of people wanting hand-outs? That is not the nation that was born in 1776!

  • Ludmilla Powers

    So you’re “pro-life”… but not “pro-life” enough to think that birth control is a need? Being opposed to any tax dollars going to help a better good and to assist with the actual factors that prevent abortions, to me, does not cry out “I’M PRO-LIFE AND DEDICATED TO SAVING THE UNBORN!” I would think that anybody who is vehemently opposed to abortion will do what they absolutely can to abolish the circumstances surrounding the reasons why women choose as they do. Moaning about the poor and “hand-outs” does not a baby save. Providing safe contraception prevents abortions. Mandatory paid maternity leave prevents abortions. Sex education prevents abortions. But you’d rather shake your fist at the world and reiterate partisan language than fix the issue? That’s not pro-life… that’s just anti-abortion and being in love with your political agenda.

    Also… the nation born in 1776 was ripe with slavery and the genocide of indigenous populations. We’ve come a pretty long way and frankly, I’m proud of where our nation is now opposed to then. And those “handouts” are meant for taxpaying members of society. If I pay into the system, you bet your sweet bippy I will utilize those services when I need them. That’s no “hand-out.”

  • Ludmilla Powers

    If more people in the pro-life camp had this mentality, so many abortions could be prevented. I appreciate this post!

  • amycourts

    Kristy, if you claim to be “pro-life” but are not pro-child, pro-mother, pro-prenatal-care (which may be low-cost but is not free, and IS medically necessary for optimal health and nutrition for both baby and mother), or pro-contraception and pro-education (the only *proven* means by which unwanted pregnancy and abortion rates are reduced), then you are not, in fact, pro-life.

    Healthcare that provides for and protects the unborn is not a hand-out given to a person who can otherwise care for himself. Public education, school lunches, healthcare, and housing for children are not hand-outs given to people who would otherwise care for themselves if not for the government. It is “care for the least of these.” Secular or christian, a nation is only as strong as its weakest members. How we care for the weakest among us reveals our true character. Our willingness to ignore the medical needs of the unborn, the health needs of young children, or the various needs of their impoverished parents is a demonstration of the reality that we do not value the weakest among us…and thus, do not value life.

    These are the issues that concern me. We want to call ourselves pro-life, but we are dead-set against those programs that directly contribute to whether or not people live and die: food, clothing, housing, medicine, education.

    What’s worse, we- as a Church – cry “foul!” and demand that the government stay out of what ought to be the church’s work, and when they do butt-out, we fail to meet their needs.

    You are right that charity is the work of the church. But where the church fails – and where your words fall short – is in speaking out of both sides of the mouth: “I believe no child should go hungry BUT I want to choose where my money goes.” Inevitably and invariably, YOUR choices to “feed these” and “not those” leaves children hungry and naked. Your insistence that basic medicine and food and housing are “entitlements” rather than basic human rights betrays the reality that you are not, in fact, pro-EVERY-life, but only pro-the-lives-of-those-I-deem-worthy-of-my-dollar.

    At best, what you are is pro-birth. And even that is a stretch, given how firmly opposed you are to prenatal care for mothers.

    What you truly are, not when your words are put to work, is “pro-life-until-I’m-inconvenienced.”