Good Riddance, Evangelicalism.

Good Riddance, Evangelicalism. December 13, 2017
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There was a long stretch there when I spoke directly to evangelicals about the moral depravity of evangelicalism. I had hope that my upbringing in the standard, non-fundie dead-center of the movement, along with my degree in theology and my efforts to build bridges, would pave a path for me into their ears. That the relationships I built with friends who thought I was fringe-y but authentic would prove powerful we it was time to start saying the most painfully true things.

Like that purity culture is a dangerous lie that demonizes, exploits, and worships female sexuality and inherently makes women vulnerable to sex predators within the church who, being “visual creatures and conquerors of the world and womb designed as such by God,” cannot control their sexual urges.

Like that racism and bigotry against anyone declared “other” — be they Muslims or LGBTQIA folks or Black boys in hoodies or women who want kids but not husbands or Indigenous people — are fundamental to the foundations of their doctrines, which naturally and necessarily pit “God’s elect” against all other humans who are, aside from (their narrowly-defined) Christ, not merely lost in misbelief but bound for an eternal torture worse than anything Hitler could have conceived.

I came from evangelicalism. I used to believe that Black Women were welfare queens, and Native Americans were all drunks, and Muslims were terrorists, and single moms were sluts, and LGBTQIA people were abominable to their Maker.


I listened to the marginalized people I’d demonized, heard them share their experiences, felt burned and pricked and stung when they named the ways that I’d failed the Gospel of Jesus in relation to them…


So I had hope others could too. I had hope that *evangelicalism* could be rescued to reflect the Gospel more truly and fully.

But twice now — in the 2016 presidential election, and today in the AL special election — evangelicals have come out in whopping 80% droves for blatantly racist, white supremacist, misogynistic, bigoted, sexual predators who openly and flamboyantly hate those Jesus most loves.

So to evangelicalism I will say for the very last time: SCREW YOU every way from Sunday and twice on Wednesday. May your vestiges burn, may your pillars crumble in dust. You mock God. And God will not be mocked.

And to all the evangelicals out there still trying to rescue evangelicalism from the brood of vipers?

Give it up. Give it up. Give it up.

#EmptyThePews and join us in the streets where we’re marching for Jesus and those Jesus loves.

Join us in the safe houses where we’re loving and serving homeless LGBTQIA teenagers who’ve been kicked out of their homes because your pastors teach parents that God hates their children.

Join us in the refugee resettlement centers where we’re embracing and welcoming and feeding and building community with Muslims from across the globe who have come to us for a new beginning, and who have so much to teach us about love for and devotion to God.

Join us in the “hood” where we’re sending kids growing up in poverty through a Christmas Store where they can shop for their family members without sacrificing dignity.

Join us on the outside. We have fresh air, fresh hope.

If you aren’t one of the 81%?

Join us. You’re clearly not an evangelical anymore anyway. And Thank God for it.

#YouDontKnowEvangelicals #ChurchToo

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  • Curtis Pullin

    Because I’m gay, I have had a love-hate relationship with Christianity because of the bigotry. Yet I know there is much good, profound, and loving in the teachings of Jesus. This article gives me hope.

  • Hey, I’m God. I don’t have a problem with gay people (though the left progressive agenda has things that get on my nerves) – I’ve even fooled around with some guys but it wasn’t really my thing ultimately. Problem solved.

  • Nimblewill

    Now you just demonize evangelicals putting them all in a box that you used to put the above mentioned. You haven’t changed, your target has.

  • HJW1219

    That is true. But as a Christian myself, I have started to see his point. Because yes, there are a subset of people who are going to use religion to justify racism or sexism. Or just want to use religion as means to control things. But there are lots of people who just want to follow a good christian life.

    I feel that if you are truly following Jesus path, and you have a problem with someone actions and then you think is a sinner. That is understable.

    But have it be equal. If two people do the same thing. B/c one has a R by his name than a person chooses to defend that person. Where as if the person is movie star or has D, then they are sinners. If someone chooses to believe that the various hollywood stars or democrats with these various sexual harassment charges are sinners. But that Moore isn’t, b/c this actually is liberals trying to smear him.

    The 7 different women who said that Moore did that, I believe as much the ones who have said things against democrats and Hollywood stars.

    By having this view that many in Alabama had, Were they following Christ’s teaching on this subject. Or were they following Sean Hannity’s words? If Sean Hannity’s words carry more weight, we are in trouble. I’m afraid that even the group that just wants to be good christians is becoming more and more part of the 1st group. That they are being exposed to the hate as opposed to the fresh air.

    I wish I could hold the optimism as the writer. But I worry instead.

  • Nimblewill

    R’s and D’s are more about power than morality. We all crave it (power) but must die to it daily. If I had to choose I guess I am a conservative but I refuse to defend a person because they are a republican. I do believe that accusers carry more weight than the truth these days. The “satan” was an accuser, it seems that anyone can accuse anybody of anything and that puts a noose around their neck. I’m sure that you could go back 40 years and I did some things that I shouldn’t have. That was before Jesus though. Does He make any difference in a person’s life. A flat out rapist needs redemption. Not sure he should be holding office though. I voted for Trump, but I told a friend that I felt like I was in a pen with two attack dogs having to choose which one would bite me. I chose the one with less teeth. Did I choose poorly? We may never know. Next time I may lay down in the fetal position and play dead hoping they won’t eat me. In other words “I ain’t votin.’ “

  • HJW1219

    If your not sure if a rapist is should hold office or not.

    We have nothing to discuss.

  • Nimblewill

    It was kinda rhetorical. No rapist should ever hold office. I might have one as a neighbor in heaven.

  • jaystriggle

    If you are speaking of Trump, you have no real evidence. If you are speaking of Bill Clinton, then it is fully documented. If you want Hillary as president, then you wanted her Rapist husband as the the first lady(man) to occupy the White House with her and he would have his way with the interns again..He lied and lost his law license. He denigrated the oval office. No one every talked about oral sex on TV till he did his thing. Try explaining to your Grand mother what oral sex meant. He brought a new low for the Presidency. Young kids every where thot they could have oral sex and it did not count because his pastor tole him it was not really sex… He will be held accountable for all the ruined lives of young people everywhere.

  • Ivan T. Errible

    Church is boring.
    And all you’ve done is switch one form of self-congratulation for another.

  • HJW1219


    You choose to come to a christian blog to rant about a politician you hate and then get graphic details about it. You think this language is appropriate on a Christian blog? The irony is that your rant about having to explain something graphic to your grandma and young kids seeing it on tv. How inappropriate that all ways. But the fact that early teens (who are way too young to remember the mid 1990s) could be reading this blog and now might be curious about what you wrote. That fact you don’t find that inappropriate is beyond pathic.

    You are the one who jumped to the conclusion that him and I were discussing Trump. Believe it or not everything isn’t Clinton or Trump. He simply mentioned who he voted for.

  • jaystriggle

    Read “If you are speaking of “……
    also your teens know of which we speak if you allow them on the internet, it is rampant there, Clinton is the one who broke the glass ceiling on that subject….

  • jaystriggle

    you sir used the word “rapist”, shame on you, this is a public forum you know ..

  • Guthrum

    “Evangelical” is a religious term of the Christian faith. It comes from the word “angel”- bearer of good news. Politician, political groups, and the news media have taken over this designation. There are denominations and churches that use the word Evangelical in their name (ELCA). They are certainly not a bunch of politicians with an agenda.
    Many new churches are springing up around here. They are growing, energetic, and focused on spreading the Gospel and outreach ministries that help people.

  • Sierra Elii

    Hello Amy,

    In general, evangelicals interpret the Bible literally and conservatively. Evangelicals do not have their own denomination. Instead, they attend various Protestant churches, such as Bible, nondenominational, Baptist, Methodist, and other churches. Evangelicals believe that the Old and New Testaments are verbally inspired by God and that they are without error in their original writings. They interpret those Scriptures in a normal way, which leads them to usually interpret them literally, quite often leading them to a premillennial dispensational view of history.


  • Brianna LaPoint

    there are other belief systems besides christianity. I found myself at home as a Buddhist Pagan, but never as a christian/.

  • Psychometrics

    Just a slight correction here. Methodist are not “Evangelical”. They are from the old “Mainline” denominations which include United Church of Christ (UCC), Presbyterian USA, Christian Church (Disciples), and American Baptist. I may have left a few out. None of the group mentioned hold to verbal inspiration of the Canon and often have a social justice sensibility. Some of the denominations I mentioned even ordain individuals from the the LGBT community as pastors. But of the lot, Methodists are probably the most “conservative”. But understand the like most denominations, social views vary from region to region. A Methodist from West Hollywood, CA will probably have a different world view than a Methodist from a rural town in the Midwest or deep South.

  • Tom

    This raises so many questions. “purity culture is a dangerous lie that demonizes, exploits, and worships female sexuality and inherently makes women vulnerable to sex predators within the church who, being “visual creatures and conquerors of the world and womb designed as such by God,” cannot control their sexual urges.”

    Really? How?

  • Tom

    “racism and bigotry … are fundamental to the foundations of their doctrines”

    Really? How is racism fundamental to evangelical doctrines?

  • Tom

    “I came from evangelicalism. I used to believe that Black Women were welfare queens, and Native Americans were all drunks”

    It didnt teach me that. Maybe you went to a bad church?

  • Tom

    “Muslims … who have so much to teach us about love for and devotion to God.”

    How so?

  • Steven Waling

    Why don’t you ask them?

  • Tom

    I have asked Muslims about their religion. But in this case, it was Amy who made the statement, and Im interested in her perspective.

  • Widuran

    This article means good by Jesus Christ and hello Satan

  • Ivan T. Errible

    All churches are pointless wastes of time, energy, and money.