The Lynching of Stephon Clark and Jesus Christ

The Lynching of Stephon Clark and Jesus Christ March 29, 2018
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Most of us white people cannot even imagine what a body decimated by 20 bullet holes looks like, but our Black peers are intimately acquainted with such horrors.

Mike Brown’s destroyed body was left to fester in the August heat on the streets of Ferguson for four hours before the scene was processed or his body collected. Regardless of official reports, his neighbors understood he was left as a warning to witnesses who might be inclined to fight back.
Eric Garner’s slow-choke murder and strangled cries for breath as he was killed were captured on video for the world — and his family — to watch over and over again. While his family grieved his lynching, his murderers walked free, and white folks simultaneously defended them and demonized the dead.
12-year-old Tamir Rice was gunned down by police in a public park on camera and in front of his sister. She was then handcuffed and physically restrained from comforting her little brother as he died. For four minutes, he was dying alone and without aid while his sister was forced to watch but forbidden from helping.
We can keep going back over the countless, evil murders of Jamar Clark and Philando Castile and Alton Sterling and Freddy Gray and Rekia Boyd and… and… and…  — all, notably, defended by the state and acquitted by its (white) citizens — till we stand in front of Emmett Till’s and all the other lynched bodies that Black Americans were forced to behold as their bodies hung for days, a warning of what happens when white liberty mixes with white rage against blackness.
At some point we get all the way back to an innocent Christ and His state-sanctioned murder, to those who watched and either celebrated or suffered the public massacring of His body.

At some point, those with ears to hear and eyes to see wake up to the reality that we do unto Christ exactly as we do unto these. 

So what are we doing?

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  • Desdemona3

    Powerful. What are we doing, indeed!?!

  • Martial Terran

    You are a disgusting human being to invoke the name of ROBBER-MURDERER Michael Brown of Ferguson as evidence of supposed racial guilt of “white” people who are doing nothing but trying hard to maintain civilization (a place where people are not allowed to forcibly steal cigars from stores) despite a concentrated population of black-skinned thugs who do not value civilization and who paint the words “snitches get stitches” as their motto instead of “Do Unto Others as You Would have Others Do Unto You.” Your insane love of criminals who have the favored black skin is demonic, not Christian. The Bible calls for enforcement of “One Law” for all races living in a place, and for Equality in providing Protection of the Law. (Golden Rule). The colorblind application of the law to a violent population that produces violent criminals necessarily results in Deaths of Robbers. Jesus let the Romans crucify the robbers dying on either side of him, and their skin color was irrelevant to their fate. Islam punishes robbery. Islam punishes thieves by amputating alternate hands and feet. In Africa many black people have had their hands and feet amputated by Islamic rulers. And, so called “white supremacy” and “white privilege” you complain of is simply God’s way of protecting people from criminals and from Islamic Supremacy and Islamic Privilege. Charles Martel and Queen Isabella (Spain) and Vlad (the impaler) Dracul saved Europe from Islamic Supremacy and from Islamic rule. No one saved India from Islam, and so real Muslims moved into India and killed and enslaved 80 Million to 300 Million Hindus. The surviving non-Islamic Europeans and the Americans then ENDED SLAVERY by force of their canons and their law. Africans had neither Law nor canons with which to end Islamic Supremacy in Africa. Even today, Africans are barely able to end Boko Haram (Islam). Africa historically presented no opposition to Islamic Supremacy. If Muslims had colonized the Americans, then Islamic Supremacy would rule all over the world today. Be joyful that you find white supremacy everywhere you look, since you and the criminals you favor would have a much worse experience with Islamic Supremacy. [For example, your beloved Emmett Till was a Moral Degenerate coming into the countryside from from the city. Till boasted that he had F===ed white women before and also boasted that he could seduce the MARRIED white woman in the store whose HUSBAND eventually killed him. In an Islamic Supremacy place, your Emmett Till would have been killed for sure, and no one would even care that he was killed and beaten. The entire idea of “Equal Rights” for blacks was invented by White People in the 1800s. In Africa, blacks never had any “civil rights” because they had no written laws and no stable forms of government. If it was not for White Supremacy, no blacks on Earth would have any civil rights today, except such rights as Islam provides, which includes the equal right to have hands and feet amputated for theft. Blacks should Thank God for White Supremacy, because Alternatives are always much worse.

  • Sierra Elii

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  • Brandon Roberts

    um for the micheal brown thing he was trying to grab the cops gun the whole “hands up” thing was a lie, the cop didn’t shoot him cause he was black but cause he was posing a realistic threat to the cop, there are actual cases of cops murdering black people you could’ve used like that guy (i forgot his name) that was in his own house on his knees who was shot 4 times in the back that is bullshit or the guy who was shot running away again bullshit