White Supremacy is a White Construction for Modern White Abolitionists to Destroy

White Supremacy is a White Construction for Modern White Abolitionists to Destroy March 23, 2018

It’s been a while.

Much has transpired and sparked conversation about white terrorism, white supremacy, and modern white abolitionism since last we spoke in the wake of the Valentine’s Day Parkland mass shooting.

The survivors of the Stoneman Douglas massacre have fired back against the NRA, the congresspeople they’ve purchased, and the American culture of gun lust, sparking a nationwide revolution through legislation, marcheswalk-outs and responsive sit-ins. They’ve persisted against threats from the highest level, while rejecting attempts to declaw their movement through dismissive, limp countermovements that serve only to undermine the pervasive theme of white male rage and entitlement that breeds (usually white) male terrorism, even as the mainstream media and majority culture minimize the acts of terror through compassionate headlines focused on how terrorists are born.

While these survivors have been organizing a revolution, American high schoolers survived another school shooting, this time in Maryland, at the hands of a white “lovesick teen” who shot his ex-girlfriend. (She was taken off life support and died this morning.) And the city of Austin stood on edge for 19 full days as a “frustrated, very challenged, yet low-key and peaceful” white Christian man terrorized the city with a series of package bombs, first targeting and killing members of prominent black families and then turning his rage on the entire city, ultimately ending his own life as a suicide bomber.

It’s noteworthy that none of these white men have been called a domestic terrorist. On the contrary, media and law enforcement have gone to great lengths to avoid that label. As ever, they are shooters, bombers. They are brilliant, athletic, depressed, lone wolf misfits, unemployed, country-music-loving, angry white boys. They are always humanized, but almost never identified or defined by their terrorism.

Meanwhile, in Sacramento, CA, Stephon Clark, an unarmed black father of two young children was shot 20 times by police

via twitter

officers who tracked him to his own backyard after he allegedly broke a number of car windows. The officers claimed they fired the 20 rounds because Stephon was holding a weapon and so they feared for their lives. He was holding a cell phone.

With almost all killings of unarmed black men, the news of the killing is delayed until social media goes viral, and earliest reports often fail to even name the dead but focus instead on their alleged criminal backgrounds. And then, as the movement for Black Lives organizes and takes over the city with their protests of institutionalized brutality, proving through interstate shut-downs and marches that the majority white public is far more inconvenienced by traffic delays than by the killing of innocent civilians by those we pay to serve and protect us, temperatures rise, anger flares, and protestors are condemned as violent thugs destroying their own city.

This isn’t what I wanted to talk about in my first blog after a month away.

I wanted to tell you about Mexico, and embodiment, and how that sacred space — and a week of determined detachment from All This Madness — awakened me to unnamed trauma and helped me grieve it and learn to love my body. I wanted to tell you about what it was like to spend a week encircled by wise and gracious elders. I wanted to tell you about body shame and hatred, how every cell communicates with everything else, and how for the first time in my life I maybe kind of love my body, or at least am not actively abusing it.

And I still will. I’m working on a series of posts to talk about all of that.

For now, though, we don’t really have a choice but to grieve — again, still — the toxic masculinity and white supremacy that terrorize our homes, schools, and cities, and to consider what it’ll take to turn the tide.

I think the Stoneman Douglas students and the Mass Shooter generation are leading the charge to change the way we live and think about life and liberty, and they give me bright hope in our future.

I think social media is a powerful tool to expose injustice and hypocrisy in lawmaking, enforcement, and reporting; inform the people when the media and those with power fail; and to organize protests against state-sanctioned or minimized violence.

And above all, I firmly believe white people like me are responsible and obligated to protect the future for Stephon Clark’s two boys and every other parents’ black children by educating ourselves and our kids early and often about the historic realities of systemic racism and institutionalized white supremacy, and raise them to do the exclusively white work of dismantling and destroying white supremacy, and then move out of the way for people of color, Indigenous leaders, and minorities to rebuild an equitable nation without our interference, but with our reverence for their wisdom and resilience against our centuries of abuse and oppression.

The creation and maintenance of institutionalized systemic white supremacy was and is our crime;

Its destruction is our culpability;

Renouncing the stage and giving it to minority leaders is just the beginning of long-overdue reparations. 

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TRENDING AT PATHEOS Progressive Christian
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  • There is no “White Supremacy”
    There is only ‘brown inadequacy’ which spurs their racial hate.
    I don’t expect my comment to stand, it is too real.

  • My mom’s family uses the term “black” for self-identification, and though I grew up with my mom, I grew up in a white environment. (Thus, my racial status is ambiguous, and this is my disclaimer.)

    Now to my actual point: I will add to your point that BLM are considered violent thugs because their protests cause delays. These protests come from four centuries of mistreatment, and only rarely have black people turned violent, and it has been small scale.

    Now, let’s consider white people: in the mid-1760’s, England started imposing taxes, and the (mostly white) founders *started a war*, and that was a fraction of what black people face. In 2001, a few terrorist attacks in one day had white people calling for nuking Muslim countries and bombing them back to the Stone Age, and they were furious with anyone not on board.

    But, protests that inconvenience, even when no one is killed, are somehow violent!?

    That is my issue, as many white folks don’t see the double standard, but think they are soooo smart, but these folks have no clue what they are talking about!

  • Kevin Thomas

    Hi White Christian– Show yourself….let us reason together.

  • B real

    Continue to speak TRUTH to power!

  • Jennifer A. Nolan

    I’m doing a little thought experiment: “There is no ‘British Supremacy.’ There is only ‘irish inadequacy’ which spurs their racial hate,” during the Potato Famine, when hundreds of thousands of my ancestors’ fellow Irish people starved while their British-run government merrily exported tons of food from Ireland to Britain.

    Of course there is plenty of inadequacy in brown people; thing is, they share it all with white people. We just get to do more spin-doctoring than they do, that’s all.

  • Wolfgang Weicheier

    Blacks don’t commit triple the amount of crime as whites, blacks don’t commit quadruple the crime as whites, blacks commit triple times quadruple the crimes as whites – blacks commit 12x as many crimes as whites. Black on white rape has a large % of white victims, but black gun crime is 90% black on black and it is horrific, and many as 60 shot per month. It’s a Las Vegas Massacre every single month in Chicago’s West Side, just one city. Police use heuristics and instinct for the simple goal of survival.

    It’s laughable to see social signaling whites try to one-up each other in explaining the obvious. Websites like https://whosshooting.com/ or https://heyjackass.com/ tell the story you white race traitors can’t bear to admit.

    Blacks are WHITE PRIVILEGED. Whites have fed, clothed, sheltered and tried to educate Blacks costing $50 TRILLION dollars since 1965 but they don’t make it. Blacks get government set-asides, preferential education and hiring advantages, transfer payments from whites, but they fail to thrive. Asians came to America and they didn’t speak the language, started businesses in the same slums, and were prosperous in two generations.

    Non-whites should recognize that harsh climates have forced whites to adapt for 60,000 years. Meanwhile, American blacks alive today, have been discovered in with a genetic legacy that predates modern man. (A00 MtDNA) Not all but some, are running on hybrid human genetics that predates the advent of modern man by 150,000-325,000 years. Whites understand the inability of blacks to keep pace with modernity, but they will not become a victim to it. Whites have the burden of humanity on their shoulders. Will we venture to the stars or sink back into the swamp from which man came. If you are not white, maybe you’ve never though about it. Whites have provided medicine, agriculture, aviation, civil engineering, law, science, agriculture, metallurgy, and most of the discoveries that make modern life possible. We have problems to solve, dreams to achieve as a species. At some point those who stand against us stand against every living human. Humanity needs whites, who else can do it? Maybe the Asians, but they are barbaric and soulless. It’s not enough to be smart.

    As blacks get more violent and aggressive toward whites in America, Europe and South Africa, blacks are going to suffer from an aspect of whiteness they are not capable of anticipating due to the black’s blindspot of self reflection, until it is too late to be of use, that being that many whites anger slowly, absorb insult slowly, but can join to suddenly explode in a burst of highly organized violence that has little remorse, and a capacity to be detached and indifferent in killing, mostly driven on rules and principles, and internally justifiable. Combined with abstract thinking ability not seen at the same level in any other race, whites will predict and prepare for threats, and preemptively apply overwhelmingly violence. Vikings, The 3rd Reich, the firebombing of Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fallujah, The Crusades, the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg in particular (75,000 dead in three days, many more than all casualties in Vietnam for 10 years) demonstrate the ability of whites to apply organized mass violence, or organized small unit violence, with a high degree of effectiveness, and it has been so for hundreds of years.

    Tip to Black America: without YT, the Asian will cut you to pieces and feed you to hogs. They will not be charmed by your singing, dancing, or ball bouncing.

    Only a temporary suspension in law and order, when whites feel they can retaliate without being subject to legal processes, and there will be a purge of all anti-white threats, and in the absence of export controls, whites will supply other whites with men and material to retain control environments where whites thrive – mainly the Northern Hemisphere.

    Cry about the injustice, but you will not replace us.

  • Fake news!