The Lesson of Mercury in Retrograde

The Lesson of Mercury in Retrograde November 26, 2018

Surviving Mercury in Retrograde always feels like such an accomplishment. Even if you are not fully aware of the time period of this retrograde, you start noticing when all the debris starts piling up. These past few weeks have been filled with a litany of things going wrong, missed chances, snafus in communication, technology slowing down or failing completely. It’s fairly consistent, and I see customers coming into the shop alternately dazed, confused, furious or just plain exhausted. There are a few of us that huddle together in front of the shop’s ancestor altar asking, “How was it for you?” “Not so bad, my friend. It’s more like watching a movie.”

Gasp! Can such things exist? Can one really survive a Mercury in Retrograde? I am here to tell you that you can. It takes a bit of adjustment, a certain faith, and a few tools, but you can emerge relatively unscathed.

First of all, realize there is no guarantee. Just like the flotation device and oxygen mask on an airplane, my advice is meant to assist. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

Now, this first and most important part may be the hardest, so I am getting this out of the way first: the two magic words. Take a deep, deep breath. And…Let Go. Or if you are a fan of Frozen, “Let It Go”.  If you shuddered reading these words, this is for you. You may take comfort in your lists, organizational skills, and legendary control of your life. I am here to tell you: none of it matters. We are not in control. That tends to be the biggest hurdle for most people. Mass chaos and destruction will ensue if someone lets go. I used to be of the same mindset. I survived that line of thinking and so can you. It won’t be easy, so start small. Focus on what is important to you. It usually ends up being things like health, family, friends, your work. I know, I can hear you protesting: “But I don’t have this and that and if I lose this…” and you sound like the adults in Peanuts to me. All the energy you expend ends up bringing MORE of what you don’t want. Think about that a sec. Which is easier? To be relaxed, centered and grounded? Or to be worried sick about things you really can’t control? Again, start small, with little things. If you get clenched up getting stuck in traffic, flip the situation and listen to your favorite music. Car dancing is highly recommended. Next, try something on your next level of aggravation. Then move on from there.

Next, use tools. Tools are a visual reminder of comfort and an action that can help. Get some mercury in retrograde oil, a candle, design your own oils or candles, find some herbs (lemon balm, lavender and sage are best for this time period). Combine them with some useful crystals (think blue lace agate, amazonite or aquamarine) and create a mojo bag to wear on your person. Will it prevent that copier from breaking down at work? Heck, no. It can be a touchstone when that copier does break (because machines, after all, do break down) and help your stress levels.

Third, get a mantra. My favorite is “this too shall pass”. It all does. Everything eventually ends, balance is restored, life has its good moments. You will get through this, We all will. Then move on to the next moment. Mutter that phrase all day if you have to, or get it tattooed on you, write it on a piece of paper and laminate it to read when things happen. Enjoy the fun of finding that mantra that resonates. There are so many to choose from! Let me know what yours is, when you decide.

Finally, BREATHE. I used to be such a shallow mouth breather, and I had no idea. Then I would wonder why I couldn’t catch my breath when I got upset. A therapist taught me four part breathing (breath in to the count of 4, hold for a count of 4, release for a count of 4). At first, I scoffed. I was a hardcore case, and no amount of breathing was going to help ME. Guess what? It did. Combine that with daily meditation, and you have more tools in your arsenal to deal with Mercury in Retrograde.

I liken to surviving Mercury in Retrograde to letting go of the handle on the roller coaster. You throw up your hands in the air, terrified, thrilled and exhilarated all at once. The euphoria sets in as you survive that crazy ride, and sometimes you want to do that ride again. Let go, and see what happens. If it gets too terrifying, step back, and try again, with smaller steps next time. If more of us do it, then the “power” of Mercury in Retrograde dissipates. We will then have our energy for bigger and better things.  The lesson from this all is to just be, in case you were wondering. The rest is all maneuvering.


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