Poetry as Spellwork

Poetry as Spellwork March 24, 2019

Poetry has long been magical to me, words rhyming and not rhyming, sending out messages in roundabout or direct ways. Poetry can be as simple as haiku, a sentence or two, or long, epic sagas. Song lyrics are also poetry, and who hasn’t experienced the magic of getting lost in a song? Reading your favorite poetry or song lyrics weaves a spell on its own, and you feel the magic from what the words convey.

Words themselves are magical, full of intent and purpose. What we tell the Universe as we work towards what we would like (love, money and career are usually favorites) are powerful forces that create energy to bring us what we require. A magic spell is all about using the right materials to produce the right kind of transformation, so a poem is a magic spell.

The process of writing poetry takes place in a liminal space. Light candles, work with stones such as carnelian, jasper, citrine and agate. Play music to inspire you, depending on the spellwork focus. Some suggestions include Stevie Nicks, Wendy Rule, Faun, Wadruna, Omnia, Loreena McKennitt or classical. Take deep breaths and meditate, if that’s comfortable. Light incense, and ignite all your senses. Pour a favorite beverage, wear lotion or an oil that you create or one you’ve purchased that inspires you.


Write the words without hesitation or worrying about perfection. It can begin as a stream of consciousness or even list of what you would like the spell outcome to be, whether it be the qualities of your future loved one, a career achievement (writing a book, promotion at work, a different job, a transfer, etc.) Get lost in the moment and visualize what you want your outcome to look like, and create pictures with your words. Once you feel like it’s completed, take a step back and take a moment to review what you need for the spell to be completed. For love, do you need a mojo bag filled with special herbs and crystals to wear? A special candle to light? For writing, do you need to consecrate a special pen? For money, do you need a picture of what you would like to acquire? Or a prosperity bill to add to your altar? For travel, do you need a collage of the place(s) you want to visit? Let the creativity put the finishing touches on your spell.

Then, go back to your words. See if you would like them to rhyme but don’t worry if they don’t. What’s important is that the words flow in a way that is pleasing to you. It can be long or short, whatever you feel called to as to its length. Then, when you feel satisfied the poem is complete, read it out loud. Take it outside to read to the stars at night, or in your kitchen as your most creative space, or at your desk. Follow your intuition to guide you to that spot.

Speak the words out loud. When you read the words out loud, the poem becomes a living, breathing thing. The energy changes around the words, as you release the words into the universe. If you feel comfortable with a trusted friend, read it to them. Notice how your body changes, if your cadence is pleasing, if you feel a surge of emotions as you read it aloud to this person. The power of the words will gather strength as you read it.

Next steps? Those are up to you. Get a special candle and light it for seven days or nights, reading the poem aloud each time. Place the poem underneath the candle to add more energy to it. Speak the words aloud with conviction, and then see what happens. Record in your journal what happens around your spellwork. Most of all, be patient. Have conviction it will work, and relinquish control, since your request is out into the world. Remember to enjoy the process!




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