Buckle Up! Tips For Planetary Chaos

Buckle Up! Tips For Planetary Chaos July 1, 2019

Coming up shortly is a dark moon, total solar eclipse, new moon, Mercury in Retrograde, and a lunar eclipse. Not to mention planets in retrograde and the general insanity of the world. If you read that, and your body started clenching, take a deep breath, unclench it all, and read on…

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No matter when such events occur, let’s face it: there is never the right time for it to happen. The best thing to do is take a deep breath, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. I liken it to when I travel: you can ask me for weeks beforehand, “Are you excited about this trip?”My response will be a “meh”, and a grimace, because I am mentally going over a million things in my head. Lists, and more lists. But guess what happens when I get to the airport? I relax completely. Because there is nothing else I can do except to enjoy the trip. A huge sigh of relief, a beer or other beverage at the bar, chat with other travelers at the gate, and I am off to adventures. Gleefully. I call it, “letting go of the roller coaster”. Let go of the bar, throw your hands up in the air, and enjoy the ride. Chances are slim you will fall off, right?

The same happens when all the planetary chaos happens. I am not well-versed enough to speak to all the planetary effects competently, for which I thank my astrologer friends. What I can tell you is this: it will affect you, ad it will affect the planet. It always does. And the best thing to do is: focus on your self-care. Self-care is a word that gets bandied about a lot, and honestly, my first thought is always to sit on the couch and eat a whole pint of ice cream. While that is lovely, it doesn’t really help. Self-care is making sure you are okay, and getting through one day at a time the best way you can. IF we all do that, the world can function a bit better. A few things you can do:

Meditate, ground, center, shields up: I talk about this all the time. “I don’t have time!” you may say, but we both know you do. Get up earlier, and get it done. It is worth the difference it makes.

Armor up: Wear protective jewelry, such as hematite rings, a special necklace, a pendant anointed with special oil. Make your own or buy some. Create a mojo bag with your favorite protection items and wear it daily.

Journal, journal, journal: If you feel like the world is too much, and you want to hibernate and not do anything outside of work, then write. It doesn’t have to be coherent, fluid or anything other than a way to get thoughts out of your head. Plan ahead and write goals beyond the next bit of planetary chaos. Write lists, write down things you are proud of yourself for, ruminate on the qualities of your future partner, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Black salt cures everything: Well, almost. It does help you get rid of negative energy, in many ways. Use in bath water, to help mitigate negative feelings, place in a dish or in a bag under your pillow to ward off bad dreams, use when cleaning or cleansing areas, draw a line of salt across your door or window to keep away negative influences. Want a person out of your sphere ? Write their name on a piece of paper, place in a bag of black salt and pop it in your freezer.

Think of others: To get your mind off yourself and the crazy world, volunteer. Help a neighbor, offer to cook for a friend, create art to give to friends to cheer them up, write poetry or prose of how much your friends and family mean to you. Invite a friend out for a meal or beverage, to check on them, and to energize yourself. Check on elderly relatives and neighbors. Spend time with someone else’s pet if you don’t have one or want one.

Divination: Have a bunch of decks sitting around? (raises hand) Pick one, and pull a card once a day, and reflect (or journal) about it. Even if it feels boring or repetitive. Do it for at least two weeks, and look back at what you have written when done. It may reveal something to you, or encourage you to continue, or recognize a pattern you have.

Kitchen Magick: Make a meal you have always wanted to try. Do just one, so it won’t feel overwhelming. Create your own mead, whip up some baked goods for co-workers, practice a no-fail dish you can always bring to potlucks. Make meals with love, special herbs, and verbal intent. Create a yummy soup for a sick friend, or a make a frozen meal for emergencies. Stir your coffee or tea with intent.

Make your bed: No, seriously. Make your bed daily, especially if you normally don’t. I know it will be a mess again come bed-time, but it is a great way to accomplish at least one thing for your day, a great spread for your tarot cards (hard to read on a messy bed, right?!) a place where you can write, fold laundry, get other things done. It can also settle your monkey brain for a bit, because a made up bed is solid and reassuring. Don’t believe me? Try it and see. And I don’t mean just throwing your blanket over everything. Make your bed up like company is coming.

Water. water, everywhere: Shower, bathe, cleanse, do a face mask. Drink lots and lots of water. We are made of water, and water can be soothing. Get a huge salad bowl full of water, put some crystals in it, charge it in the moonlight, and drink it. Play in that bowl of water and feel the silkiness of it running through your fingers. It takes you away for a bit, if you don’t have the time and money to go anywhere.

Do your favorite thing: At least once weekly. I don’t care if it’s eating hazelnut spread out of a jar. Oh wait, that’s my thing. Do that, or plan your ideal trip, ogle celebrity news, create collages or knit. Find your own quirky favorite thing and do it. No distractions or anything else. Just revel in it.

Hopefully, this is a springboard to your own list of ways to get through this muddled time. We will get through it. It is truly one breath, one day at a time. Light a candle daily if that helps. Create a mantra (mine would be censored). Action will make you feel better and get you through this. You’ve got this. We’ve got this. We were made for these times. See you on the flip side!









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