Magickal Fatigue: When You Need Inspiration

Magickal Fatigue: When You Need Inspiration July 7, 2019

There comes a time every year when you are just worn down, worn out, and tired. Exhausted, fed up, tired of people, tired of the day-to-day drudge. Maybe it happens more than once a year. Maybe you save it for special occasions. You have what can be termed Magickal Fatigue, and what you need is inspiration, oomph, motivation, just something.

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I recently went through it myself,where I just sat there crying, muttering, feeling inconsolable. You know that feeling, right? The one where you wonder why you are here, what your purpose is, how so many other people are doing exactly what you do, so what’s the point? The world seems futile, and nothing is going in a positive direction. Magick is most certainly not flowing, and you feel defeated. What’s even the point of spellwork? (insert collective gasp here)

The answer arrived, courtesy of my beloved deities: “There is only one unique you.”

I would like to say I took that to heart, and immediately transformed. No, I did not. I railed against that pithy comment, grumbled some more, cried some more, and took a nap. And it helped.

I needed inspiration. I was too tired to do anything but wallow. And so I did. I actually enjoy wallowing, strange to say. I wallow a bit and give full reign to my misery. As a child, I wasn’t allowed to give full rein to my emotions, so as an adult, trust me when I say I do. I wallow, and then I wallow some more. I go to sleep wallowing.

I started over the next day.

I found my inspiration. I picked myself up, and started again. But first, as usually happens, the Universe gives me gentle reminders. Those are amazing things when they happen. It can be certain numerals, a note from a friend I haven’t heard from in a while, or a reminder of something I’ve forgotten.

Animal signs: Animal sightings are usually more frequent when this happens. Mine this time was rabbits. They are crossing my path on a regular basis nowadays, and their meaning encompasses fertility, family and new life. All these things are on my horizon, with fertility meaning creative fertility (thanks for wondering, though), and new life as in new creative direction. It has been an excellent reminder. What animals do you see? Crows, deer, turkeys, bears? Look up their meaning, and see if it applies.

Water, Water:  I am a Pisces, and need to be around water regularly. Baths and drinking copious amounts of water help, but nothing beats swimming, or being near a river, or gazing into a lake. I had several opportunities to be in and around water, and being submerged in cool water in the bright sunshine certainly helped float many of my worries away. IF you can’t do any of that, draw a bath, or gaze into a bowl of water. If you are an earth, air or fire sign, find your sign inspiration and see if it helps. Gardening, camp fire, wind tunnel? Try it and see.

Nature scrying: I don’t consider myself a scryer, but I do love cloud and fire scrying. I gazed long and longingly into both, and felt a sense of peace that has eluded myself recently. It helps focus me, and while no clear messages came through (well, maybe the turtle I saw indicates I’m a bit slow), I felt centered and grounded, with a new and ever evolving appreciation for nature.

Instagram inspiration: Yes, we should do social media less, but I am a visual learner, so I scroll through Instagram for visual inspiration. It can be art, nature, or how someone else does their business. A friend posted photos of a get-together with am out-of-town friend, and I looked at her friend’s business page. I ended up being impressed and inspired. I got a few ideas of how I can do things differently, which set my fervid brain down new creative paths. So thank you, friend of friend! You probably have no idea how much you inspired me that day, and I remain grateful you did. I hope to do the same for others, and as I was told, we are unique with much to offer. You reminded me of that. I like your style.

Media inspiration: Dive deep into a good book and let it inspire you. Or an excellent movie or program. There is so much creativity in this world, marvel at it. I have become obsessed with the show “Fleabag” and while the title may not sound inspiring, the writer and creatrix is, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Her character and many of the lines of the show have resonated with me, and on bleak days, just repeating some of those lines helps me get through the next five minutes. She is a gifted writer, and is in her apex of creativity nowadays. That alone is inspiring to me.

Gratitude: I always recommend gratitude lists for when people are feeling down and defeated, but I am also aware that sometimes it’s hard to do. Trust me, I did my list grudgingly at first. Yada, yada, I have my health, my home, etc. etc. I wasn’t exactly grateful, but I was persistent. And it did help, especially when I got down to  minute things, such as the wildflower bouquet I created, or the bowl of blueberries and raspberries I was given, the sweet taste of whipped cream on those berries, and more. Keep at it, it helps.

Divination: When in doubt, go to the cards. Pulling one or more can make you pause, go deep and reflect. But also be aware, if you are in a foul mood, it may reflect in the cards, so try to clear your mind and be centered first before you begin. Be creative with your spreads, or just pull one and ruminate on it. Find a new deck, and explore it, with new perspective.

Express yourself: Whatever your talent is, express yourself. Mine is writing, but yours can be fruit arrangements, gardening, creating tiny artworks or huge sculptures. Tune out the world, and get back to your art. Most importantly, do it for yourself. Lose yourself in the process, and see if you don’t come out the other side inspired.

Hug:  Studies have shown the positive effects of hugs. Hug someone you love, hug yourself, your pet, or your stuffed animal. Hug your pillow. And just melt into the moment. The world is harsh enough, so allow yourself that moment to melt, and just be. Long distance hugs from me, right in this moment. Hope that helps you as well.

Laugh:  If all else fails, laugh. Even when there is nothing to laugh about. Read jokes, watch stand-up comedy, put on your favorite comedy show or movie, watch the Marx Brothers, whatever tickles your funny bone. Laugh and begin again.

After all that? Let the magick flow. Create new spellwork, work on your Book of Shadows, plan out your next six months or one week, make a magickal cup of coffee or tea. Deep breath! And now we shall begin again. Let me know what inspired you.





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