Self Love September: Simple Works

Self Love September: Simple Works September 9, 2019

“Self Love” September can make you roll your eyes, freeze up in shock (how is it September already?!), or pause for a moment. Self Love is a bit more than bubble baths and spa days, especially if you align your life with the Wheel of the Year. It is turning onward to the busiest time of year (Samhain, Samhain, Samhain!) The sense of excitement is in the air, along with a bit of wistfulness. If you love summer, you wear those sandals as long as possible, soak up the sun whenever you can, and turn your thoughts firmly to all that’s ahead.

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October is the busiest month of the year, what with the general population’s exuberance about Halloween, and back to school activities, and just general life, no matter what your circumstances. Besides work, the weekends are filled with so much that time for self love sounds like a dream. I used to be that way myself. “I cant wait for January.” I’d think to myself, and grimly march through the days.

Needle scratch. Let the madness stop. We are witches, magickal beings, and there is more to life than this Repeat that phrase as often as necessary. And do the following things listed below. They are brief enough to be considered “life hacks”, but I consider them to be necessary for survival. So no more excuses about “not enough time”. Consider these a bridge to the time you will set for yourself to really focus on yourself. Mark it on your calendar and do so.

Light a candle: Yes, do that. Light a candle, and just gaze into it. I always recommend meditation, but this works for the brief moment that the world seems insane and you can’t handle another moment. Light a candle, gaze into the flame, and distill life into this moment. Just focus and breathe.

Gratitude List: Yes, do this. The list of what is going wrong can seem endless, but list all the things you are grateful for, from the smallest, seemingly insignificant things. You have your senses, you can breathe, you are having a delicious beverage, you have infinite possibility ahead of you. The list can be long or brief, and you feel like it’s a waste of time, but do it daily, and start your day off positively. From there, good things will steamroll and happen.

Honor a Deity: Take a few moments out of your day to honor the deity in your life. If you don’t have one, find one. See who calls to you, who shows up often in your thoughts. Focusing on the attributes of a deity can help when you need a bit of it in your own life. Deities can inspire you when you need a bit of courage, fortitude and determination. See who shows up, and what you can use more of, whether it is an attribute, or a calling that resonates with you. Or do research, because this is not a task to be undertaken lightly. It will enrich you profoundly.

Ritual: Create your own ritual, whether it be the way you have your morning beverage, or how you arrange your altar. Look up spells for what you need in your own life, and do the work. It can give you a sense of control when the world is seemingly out of control.

Fleabag: Yes, I know this sounds odd. I am recommending a show, but there is a reason. Fleabag is written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who, because she was exasperated by not getting any roles, wrote her own play, and it’s a huge hit. It’s not for the faint of heart, because it is filled with biting humor and some adult language, but knowing a smart, determined woman created a whole world with a show and has moved on to other things (Killing Eve, writing the new Bond movie, and more) has inspired me daily. It doesn’t have to be that show, my point is to find someone to inspire you. Words inspire me daily, and her words and work just inspire me to create more. When I was younger, I was inspired by writers such as Charlotte Bronte, Louisa May Alcott, and scientists such as Marie Curie. Find someone who inspires you, and let that guide you in the days ahead.

Create: Think about something you want to create before the end of the year. Don’t get overwhelmed! it can be one poem, a knitted item, a song lyric, a chapter in a book. Just one thing. Enjoy the process, think about what you want to create, marvel at it, and then set it into motion. Lose yourself in the process, and cherish that space.

Deepen Your Spirituality: Not satisfied with your practice? Explore what you need, what you’re interested in, set yourself more firmly on your path. It will help ground and center you, even as the leaves whirl around and the weather gets colder.

Enjoy yourself these last months of the year. So many amazing, magical things are yet to happen. Take a few moments for yourself, no matter how harried your life may seem, and make this end of year different. You can do it. Come join me, and let me know how it turns out for you.






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