Finding Community In The Time of Coronavirus

Finding Community In The Time of Coronavirus April 7, 2020

We are told to stay home and isolate during this time of the Coronavirus. Social and physical distancing are part of our days, and depending on how  you feel about people, this is either a painful or pleasantly solitary time. One thing is for sure: we appreciate more those people who are in our lives, and we notice what is missing, as far as our community, our tribe, and circle.

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Some people are feeling the loss more than others, and without regular avenues of interaction,  are at a loss as how to connect with people. Challenging times call for creative measures, so below are a few ways to find your community while we go through these solitary times.

Social Media: The obvious ones are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All three can keep you busy for hours at a time. The trick is to use your time wisely, and not just glance or scroll by. You can follow those you admire on Instagram, find workshops and events on Facebook, and drop into Twitter for a quick tidbit (or several). It’s easy to scroll through and not interact, so I urge you to also boost your connectivity by communicating with your friends on Facebook. A  simple “hi, how are you doing?” can start a conversation and help you feel that connection.

Online Learning: Want to learn a new language, take a course, strengthen your skills? Google away and see what you find. Many are free to use, and your main investment is time. Time is something many of us have more of nowadays, so decide what your’re interested in, and occupy your days or evenings with some meaningful pursuits.

Meditation & exercise: Always wanted to try yoga, learn about the Tibetan Rites, or meditate for more than two seconds at a time? You can find many apps and exercise programs on YouTube. Set aside some time in your day to really focus on you, and what you would like to experience in your life. Yoga can help stretch those stiff muscles, and meditation can calm your worried state.

Cooking: Between cooking shows, online recipes and blogs, you can find recipes for any type of food that you want to make. Challenge yourself to do more cooking if you’ve been used to fast food and take out, and really savor how good food tastes when made by your own hand.

Pagan Community: If you are a solitary practitioner, deepen your craft, and explore different avenues of your practice. Many in our community are offering online courses, online rituals, or services. Even gatherings are going online, which should be fun (no bugs! no heatstroke!) Google the type of spiritual practices you are interested in, see who offers an online presence, and explore. You may find new facets of your spiritual practice, but it takes a good dose of curiosity, as well as an open heart and mind.

We know the options out there (if not, hope this list inspires you!) yet some still feel utterly alone, and are yearning for community. How can you be part of community when you are alone in your space? First, make sure you are centered and grounded. It can be challenging to do in these times, but make the effort to do so. Once you feel able to do more, reach outside yourself. See if you can help locally and safely in your community, foster a pet, and commune with your ancestors. Join in with online groups, and participate in online ritual. I’ve experienced some beautiful moments participating online in different groups, and it has kept me feeling connected and nurtured. I hope the same for you. Reading this blog makes you part of my community, so welcome, and let me know of other ways you’d like to feel connected!




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