21 Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox

21 Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox March 9, 2021

Spring is coming for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere! Even if where you live is still covered with snow, listen closely. The earth is moving ever onward. It’s no coincidence that March is filled with so many celebrations: Spring Equinox, Ostara, St. Patrick’s Day, and sometimes Spring Break, Passover and Ramadan take place in March. With so many traditions, we feel the excitement building as the calendar turns towards this month. March 2021 also marks the one year anniversary when COVID touched many of our lives, and even though we are not out of restrictions and concern by any means, there is a glimmer of hope as vaccinations are administered and we are able to be outside more as the weather warms.

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Below is a list of ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox, but what I really mean is: celebrate March! We made it through (most of) winter, we survived a year of pandemic, we are battered and bruised, and still we are standing. Celebrate that most of all.

  1. Clean up: a closet, a drawer, your garden area, your windowsills. Clean at least one thing and throw those windows open when it feels comfortable for you.
  2. Check on someone: a friend you haven’t heard from in a long while, a relative, your neighbor, a Facebook friend you have been meaning to say hi to, a former co-worker, anyone. We could all use a bit of caring nowadays.
  3. Get your magic on: We have a new and full moon this month, get busy.
  4. Learn about cultural celebrations: Not only Ostara, but Passover and Ramadan are coming up this month. In this world of accessible information, learn about other traditions, and see if you can expand your horizons a bit.
  5. Flowers: Plant, buy, pick your own, get some for a friend, or grab a bouquet to brighten your home.
  6. Check your candle stockpile: Hey, we are witches and may have tons of candles at the ready, but have your checked your supply lately? Make sure you have plenty of what you need for the upcoming months, organize by color or celebration, get some new ones for Spring.
  7. Create: Bake, cook, write, knit, crochet, paint, learn a new skill. The longer days of light can imbue you with some energy to get your own particular gifts out into the world.
  8. Garden: Most of you are doing this already probably, but if not, check out seed catalogs, check into your local community garden (and sign up!), check out plant sales, start your seedlings, or start with basic herbs on your windowsill.
  9. Community Service: Yes, we are still isolating, but there are ways you can volunteer online, contribute and make a difference. Explore the world out there and see how you can help. Begin with what is important to you: children, animals, the environment, local government, etc. A
  10. Read: Winter passed you by, and you didn’t tackle that reading pile like you meant to? (raising my hand here) No reason you can’t grab a book and begin to tackle it. Better yet, sit in the sun and soak up some Vitamin D when you can.
  11. Travel locally: We may not be able to hop on a plane just yet (this hurts to even write, from wanderlust me) So visit a trail you haven’t explored yet, a local park or green space, or learn about your local history. Visit a landmark you always meant to visit, carefully and safely.
  12. One day: Try a day of fasting, meditating, refraining from treats, starting a new habit, indulging yourself, enjoying the entire day for yourself. No matter how busy you are, set it aside, and do something good for yourself.
  13. Spell work: Whatever it is that you want won’t just magically appear on its own, so move some energy, dust off your Book of Shadows, check the moon calendar, and start working towards what you would like to add to your life. Change of job, new relationship, new home? It begins with the first step of figuring that out.
  14. Nature: Get out there and enjoy it. Hug a tree while you’re at it, you may be surprised at how good that feels. Visit a garden center to see what’s new in plant world, or visit your local park. Walk barefoot in the grass, listen to water flowing, gaze at a mountain or the ocean, grab a picnic blanket, some books and food, and just go. Follow the wind.
  15. Move: Our bodies are stiff from a long winter, endless zoom meetings, and work. Stretch, move, do a few yoga moves, explore the Tibetan Rites, or go for a walk. Notice how good you feel afterwards, and remind yourself of that when you don’t feel inspired to get off the couch,
  16. Learn something new: Been wondering how to make incense, read your astrological chart, or make oil blends? Set aside some time to learn, and add to your magical practice.
  17. Calendar: I like to get a calendar in March, because not only are they usually on sale, but honestly, not much happens in January and February for me. It could help you get organized, note special days in your life, or serve as a gratitude journal. Use it to make goals, see progress, or write down memories.
  18. Cleanse: Find a spring tonic, add some more greens to your life, increase your water intake. Cleanse your system after a winter of hearty meals. It makes moving easier, and is good for your body. Think about replacing one of your daily meals with a smoothie or green juice.
  19. Let it go: The song has been everywhere, but has such a good point. Let it go. Whatever is weighing you down, or feeling like something you need removed from your life, let it go. A bad habit, or feelings of inadequacy, envy or jealousy. Let go of caring about what other people think about you, and enjoy the lightness that comes with that freedom. See what stays, and be appreciative of that.
  20. Gratitude: Right now, you are using your senses to read this list, think about possibilities, and take steps towards hope. I am grateful that you are, and I hope you feel that gratitude as well. We have survived so far, and I remain grateful about that as well. We all don’t know how much time is given us, so that at least this moment to feel gratitude for all the encompasses your life.
  21. Commitment: Let the Spring Equinox be a new day of commitment for you. Commit to what is important to you, whether that is yourself, family, working towards goals, or fixing an ongoing problem. This takes some self-reflection, but what better time to do it than Spring? A time of hope, of growth, and of renewal. May it be ever so.

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