Review: The Empath’s Oracle

Review: The Empath’s Oracle July 4, 2022

I’ve been looking forward to receiving The Empath’s Oracle deck since I first saw notice of it a few months ago. Created by Raven Digitalis, with stunning art work by Konstantin Bax, it is a stunning deck, a tool I am certain I will be using for a long while.

The Empath’s Oracle, by Raven Digitalis

The guidebook that is part of the deck is quite substantial. It includes an introduction by both the author and artist, which sets the tone for the explanations of the different cards. Each card has an Essential Theme, explanation of Imagery, Deeper Meanings, and Suggestions for Action.

Using the deck myself for the first time, I noticed myself drawn into the artwork. The art has fluid lines, colors that draw you in, and the images have depth that compel you to look more deeply. The tone of the guidebook is soothing and welcoming, with solid suggestions for actions to move through the question you may have or the guidance you receive. I liked the clarity of the writing, and the straightforward suggestions for action.

Benefits Of This Deck

How does this deck benefit an empath? From my perspective, it helps that the language is clear yet soothing. With all that is going on in the world nowadays, it feels good to immerse myself in this deck, whether it be for guidance, or choosing a card of the day. There is no sense of abruptness, rather, there is an invitation to look more deeply within the meaning, within yourself, within the suggestions on how to move forward.

My Own Reading

Let me take you with me on my three card reading I did today, on this July 4th, where the last thing I feel like doing is celebrating. As a person who identifies as a woman, this is not a day to celebrate. My government does not represent me, and the Supreme Court has been nothing but horrifying lately. All my feelings about this country are upended, and I am deep in thought, as to how we move forward. Three to me is a very magical number, and I often do three card readings to move through the day in alignment with who I am as a person, and how I move through the world.

The first card I chose, is #6, Loving The Self On All Levels. How interesting, as the refrain of “put your oxygen mask on first, always” has been resonating through my head, especially with all that is going on in our chaotic world (and this is not restricted to the USA, by any means). The first line in the guidebook is “releasing the need to be perfect and solve everything”. Immediately, I felt my shoulders release their tension, because after all, my head was filled with thoughts of ” how can I help fix this?!” Not that the task is taken off my plate, but I was so caught up in “getting it right”! Finding actions that are meaningful and can help. In the Suggestions for Action, it offered the idea of examining our conditioning. Great timing, as yesterday was my mother’s birthday. She passed way a long time ago, yet each year her birthday becomes challenging as I become older. I began the day as I often do, in floods of tears, but decided to move into action (see the theme here?) and went out in nature, because that is one of the good things imparted in my childhood. Examining my conditioning is a good follow-up to a day such a yesterday.

Second card was #25 Healing with Mother Nature. Didn’t I do that already yesterday? I did, but the card further encouraged physical exercise. Another thought that has been on my mind, so I did some yoga to get some good movement and breathing done. I have been neglectful in my physical exercise, doing way less than I usually do, and my body knows this. The card was a good reminder to incorporate more movement, to release all that pent up energy, anger, and frustration.

My third card was #12, Offering My Gifts. This was a confirmation, because the very first card I drew from this deck was this one. I offer my gifts in a variety of ways, through this blog, through my book, my work with clients, my work at Of Wand & Earth, where I work. This card offered an additional suggestion: be open to receiving some form of reciprocity. Another pause for me, and viewing how I receive reciprocity for my work, and in doing so, adjusting how I move in this world. Meditation revealed I am moving more in a public manner, whereas before I was often in my little bubble. Now I hear from people all over the world, as my book is released, as my writing is offered in different circles.

The whole reading was revelatory, yet also that familiar feeling of “I know this, but I’ve been ignoring it for some reason.” Do you ever encounter that? Many people don’t read for themselves, and I understand that, but for me, reading for myself often gives perspective outside the spirals my mental thoughts go down, and it has been very useful.

Highly Recommend

So, if you consider yourself an empath, if you are looking for a new deck, or want to explore oracle cards, I highly recommend this deck. I see myself using this often in my work, and am so grateful it is in this world.





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