Divine Rage and Magical Workings

Divine Rage and Magical Workings June 27, 2022

“The aim of divine rage is not vengeance but to reorder the world. It is precise and purposeful, like the focused fury projected into the world from the forehead of the Goddess.” ~Valerie Kaur

This is what it feels like. Photo by Pixabay, Schaferle.

Rage, So Much Rage

I came across this quote recently, as I was processing the horrific news Roe vs. Wade. It was a surprise to few of us, but the pent up rage and anger is still being felt days later. Good. I noticed that the news was delivered on a Friday, and I shared with people on social media my own dealings with Corporate World, and how bad/upsetting/sometimes horrific news was always shared on a Friday, with a sense that while that person cleared their desk of their projects, it would be dumped on another person and there was probably a hope that their weekend was ruined. It was always a corporate dance of manipulation, and this is no different.

My immediate reaction to the Supreme Court news was the same as it was then: stop, regroup, and enjoy the heck out of life, all while I figured out next steps. I also observed, and continue to do so. Many people reacted viscerally, which I completely understand, but it also calls for quiet and observance. We all knew we would get here, so what do we do now?

Use Your Energy Wisely

As always, I turn to magic. You and I are magical beings, we have energy and tools at our disposal, we have clear directives on what we can do, and we should be doing them. Not sure what to do? There are books and articles on the subject, but I also urge you to listen to your inner voice. What feels right to you? You can get involved in local politics, you can work some Dark Moon magic, you can protest, what else?

Before all that, I urge you to consider yourself. Worry and fear do not move us through challenging times. Truly they don’t. Take some deep breaths. Give yourself some credit. We have survived four years under 45 AND a pandemic. We are still here. Gasping for breath, but still present! Like they say on airplanes, put your oxygen mask on first, then put it on another. It’s not to be cruel, but you will be of no use to anyone if you are distracted by emotions and chaos.

So, ground, center, and shield. That is first and foremost. Daily. Stay hydrated, eat good food, and move your body daily. Find something in each and every day that brings you joy. It can be your morning cup of coffee, a call with a good friend, losing yourself in your favorite book, movie or video game.

Then, plan.

Next Steps

What will you do? What can you do that will be consistent? So many of us start magical workings that we lose interest in after a few days, so what works best for you? This will require long haul workings. Many of us are solitary practitioners, so if you need suggestions, do some research. Be actively involved in your workings, and make sure it feels good to you. Some may light a candle daily. Some may do a working on a specific action. The best thing of all is to do something daily. Maybe you will spend time at your altar daily, and commit to meditation. None of it is wrong, and all of it works. Think of ALL of our energies, working together. It CAN make a difference.

Change always feels like a tugboat, doesn’t it? Slow to move, feeling so very heavy, yet it does change. Maybe incrementally, but it will.

And while you do your magical workings, make a commitment to living the best life you can, shedding all that no longer serves you. Whether it be people. junk food, thoughtless purchases, destructive habits, use this anger and energy to fuel you to a life where you answer to no one, and are in charge of your own destiny. Make a plan to be involved in local politics, because while we were dozing, that’s how the recent overturn happened. It took years, organized diligence and planning. We can do the same.

Work with your deities and ancestors for strength. They will help you. Spend time with them, light a candle, write in your journal, do what you can to connect.

You Are Not Alone

Together, I know we can make change happen. It takes all of us to focus that divine rage and magic. I am confident we can do so. So mote it be!

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Lisa Wagoner is the Maven of Mystical Curation at the Of Wand & Earth metaphysical shop. In addition to her blog here, she is the author of the book, Positive Pagan: Staying Upbeat in an Offbeat World (Llewellyn,) She is an ordained Pagan priestess and minister, as well as a certified Reiki Master in both Usui and Celtic traditions. In addition to her co-hosting duties at the podcast Mystic Tea, she has also contributed to the anthologies The Witch's Altar, My Wandering Uterus and Queens of the Quill. You can read more about the author here.

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