A Love Message for Women

A Love Message for Women August 2, 2017
A few years ago, I was overtaken by an overwhelming drive to type up and post the following Love Message for Women on my old wordpress blog. This was in the harvest times of that first fateful year I’d spent in service to Aphrodite, whom I asked to teach me about “Perfect Love and Trust.”

The lessons she offered me started out like a brutal mugging at thorn-point, but I learned things–really important things about how to be in healthy, loving relationship with others – by first having the lessons on what NOT to do. From these, she delivered the Four Rules of Witchcraft for Personal Sovereignty, that are mentioned below. At the time, I was still trying to figure out what practical advice could be framed in those terms.

A Love Message for Women
Roses – Heron Michelle

Aphrodite’s Superpower: “Rose-Colored Glasses

If I’d known this is what would happen with my request for help, I might not have made that particular dedication. I call this power she granted me her “Rose Colored Glasses.” Mind you, I have decent clairvoyant abilities anyway, but that is usually when I’m in a trance state and purposefully seeking out information. But that year, She opened my waking eyes so I could **physically see** like a running video filter, the broken hearts of everyone around me, *see* the clambering for truly “perfect” or unconditional Love and Trust that everyone so desperately seeks (whether they recognize it that way or not.)
Everywhere I turned, I saw people behaving badly, with running commentary of what wounds drove their shitty, abusive behavior – mostly it was because someone had previously abused THEM.  It is hard to stay mad at people once you know WHY they are lashing out like a wounded animal. That is no excuse for bad behavior, but it is an explanation that helped me find the compassion and solutions I needed to heal the wounds, rather than salt them through retaliation. It was the saddest, most distressing view of the world, and I’m grateful that I can control when and how I use that ability now. (Meaning, I don’t go there, and grateful for the ability to say, NO THANKS.)
At the time that I wrote this – in a furious pounding out of a tirade, as I remember the moment – it was in response to a string of female tarot reading clients who were heterosexual, bringing me their troubles with their men. By that same token, I get plenty of male clients who are being abused by their women. I’m sorry to say that it is a common reason that anyone seeks out a reader like myself.  That particular year, It was as though Aphrodite was sending them in droves to find me, and discuss their heart-break, and the cards and Divine Guidance spelled out the same advise over and over again…

Anyway, for some reason today I am once more prompted to re-post them here at Witch on Fire. May the message find its way to those who need it the most.

A Love Message for Women - Witch on Fire
CC0-Public Domain – Pixabay

A Love Message for Women

Originally posted Sept. 1, 2015

The wounded women of the world often bitch about how there are no good men left out there, or that all men are the same: philandering, heartless, mindless animals. For a while there, I was one of them. Those are the wounds talking. We are projecting our fears of betrayal in a broad stroke over 50% of humanity and that is assholery at it’s finest. Besides, if animals are what we expect to find, then that is all we will find, regardless of who is standing before us. The blinders of our wounds will unfairly reinforce our suspicions. Humans will rise or fall to meet our expectations. Don’t burn the Witch.

Furthermore, there are just as many men suffering from the wounds inflicted by the careless women who abused the intimacy of their relationships, deeply scarring the men in their lives. There are men out there who have been given no good reason to trust the women in their lives, and it breaks my heart. Women are equally guilty of being the “bad guy.”  Responsibility to be the sort of person you think everyone should be begins and ends with you, and there are no good excuses for harmful actions against our well-meaning brothers.  Men have feelings, too. Men need healthy trust in their relationships, too. Don’t be the Asshole.

The bottom line: Hurting people hurt more people.

What is the common denominator in every failed relationship you’ve ever had?


The good news is that you have the power to change YOU, and the power to choose which relationships you feed. We are personally responsible for ending the cycle of woundings by attending to our own healing, breaking the chain of abuse, and being strong within the sphere of our own influence.

We can set healthy boundaries. Perhaps the other people in your life have never witnessed what the maintaining of healthy boundaries even looks like. Perhaps, since they have no frame of reference, they misinterpret these strong, boundary-maintaining actions as your being a “bitch.” I challenge you to find the least-bitchy way to still rise in strength as a sovereign being, and show ’em what beneficial womanhood looks like. All of us witches have the solemn duty to model that healthy strength for others to learn from. Don’t be the Weak Link.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD, my sisters. You are in charge of you. At the end of the day, no one else can be blamed for the choices you make, the relationships you are in, the way you speak to others, your actions, and your thoughts.  The only control you have is over your own choices, and with whom you invest your time and energy. You must be present to win.
Flip that message to also mean that if your partner refuses to honor your boundaries, even after you’ve given them a chance to rise to the occasion, then you release them and retreat to a safe distance.

I call this Namasté Away: The Spirit in me, honorably releases the Spirit in you, to pursue your own happiness at a distance that I will define…until such time that you cease to wear your own ass as ear-muffs, and start acting right.  Until then, be gone!

The message my Goddess Aphrodite wishes to impart to us all:

“The heart prepared to receive love is the one already opened from the giving of love.”

In Perfect Love and Trust,


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