What I See through Aphrodite’s Rose-Colored Glasses

What I See through Aphrodite’s Rose-Colored Glasses March 25, 2017

I’ve now served Aphrodite for three years and I will never think about the phrase “rose-colored glasses” in the same way again. Rather than a filter of lovey-dovey naivety, it’s more like X-Ray vision that strips back the veil to see the truth. She’s gifted me with a way of seeing through all the posturing, vitriol, and vehemency; the lies, anxiety, and desperation; the assholery, and bitchocity; the control-freakery and the escape-goatery; the bullying and victimhood of the world around me, and pierce straight down to see the broken hearts of my fellow man.

I now view our world very differently, and it is a sad, sad, state of affairs.

Rose-Colored Glasses CC0 Public Domain ~ Pixabay
CC0 Public Domain ~ Pixabay

With my Rose-Colored Glasses, I see very clearly how this patriarchal, dominator culture is our problem. Subverting the natural order of Love and sovereignty is my definition of “evil” and this perverse, unnatural evil is especially playing out through current world politics. I especially see and hear this evil through the extremists of Abrahamic religions who are terrorizing the world, whether that be Westboro Baptist Church protesting a funeral, a KKK rally, Paul Ryan and Mike Pence and their evangelical christian taliban coup of the US Government, or the Islamic State in the Levant called ISIL or Daesh.

The 6,000 year reign of Yahweh’s terror is coming to its pique, and the mystics of greater paganism know that we must take this trip through the fires of destruction to be purified of these weaknesses.  I know that we will emerge stronger for the next phase of humanity’s evolution through the reemergence of the Divine Feminine, but damned if it doesn’t hurt my heart to watch it unfolding!

We are a wounded people, and those wounds are still bleeding out all over the place. It’s a mess! The Goddess of Love taught me that the more egregious the offenses these people are committing, the deeper the anguish that feeds it. The louder the hate-speech, the more clearly I now hear the cry for love. When I see destruction, I can now see clearly past all that to the suffering animal, merely lashing out to protect that part of itself that is weakened from a lack of love, and the fearfulness that engenders.

I’ve written extensively on my feelings about the Abrahamic Battlefield, and what I’ve learned through Aphrodite’s Thealogy of Perfection, her eight Love conditions that inform my politics, and my “Four Rules” for living with personal sovereignty in a world that demands that we rise above the fearfulness and become warriors of Divine Love. I won’t rehash them here, but I invite you to peruse those links if you, too, find yourself despairing by the state of things and seeking a way to cope.

However, I will leave you with a key lesson that I’ve learned from my Lady Aphrodite:

The only heart prepared to receive love is the heart already opened from the sharing of love.

“All began in love, all seeks to return in love. Love is the law, the teacher of wisdom, and the great revealer of mysteries.” ~Starhawk


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