Collecting Hurricane Waters for Justice Magick

Collecting Hurricane Waters for Justice Magick September 15, 2018

Think of Hurricane water as a perfect magickal storm (pun intended) of the powers of elemental air and water. Rain collected during a hurricane can be used to remove blocks to your forward movement. This can apply to anything in your life that seems stuck and needs a strong wind to blow away the tangles to your vision and thinking. This fast moving water can help you break through barriers, and flow through anything that keeps you from your goals. Do you need to let go of some old emotional baggage? Well, this is the water to help do the job.

Hurricane CC0 Creative Commons – Pixabay

Hurricane Waters for Radical Change

Hurricane waters are also excellent for use in spells to bring swift and radical societal changes – they are equalizers. Remember that hurricane waters aren’t discriminating, and they don’t play nice. Together they rise up, shove in, and put the beat-down on everything in their path – trailer park and mansion alike. Hurricanes are indifferent assholes: Own a fancy, exclusive beach resort? Not anymore! Too poor to evacuate? Tough sh!t, sucka! When weather systems get so steamy pissed that Water teams up with Air, they will expose the weaknesses in any system they cross. Basically, this is whoop-ass water, and there is no place to hide.

Hurricanes don’t play favorites; they teach harsh lessons of humility to everyone in their path. They are terrifying, humbling, and demand our respect. These waters can be collected and used later for magick that seeks radical changes, justice, and leveling the playing field for whatever challenges are before us.

I would also suggest that these ARE NOT the waters to use for sweet “purity” spells. Nothing is “clean” after a hurricane rages through. Flooding from storm surge and deluge is a big part of the problem from these systems. The ocean water, rain water, sewer water, well water, hog lagoon water, baptismal pool water, could all join forces to wreck you. They don’t much care how disgusting they become, or who they drown in the process. Pestilence and disease love a hurricane flood.

What I’m trying to convey is that regardless of what is physically true about the water you collect, energetically this water is imprinted with a kind of rage, and they do not give a f*ck about purity. No matter what you do to clean them later, I still wouldn’t add them to my bath water. **Use with caution.** (1)

Destruction after Hurricane Matthew – CC0 Creative Commons Pixabay

Dark and Dastardly Magicks

If you are the creative, imaginative sort of magi I know you to be, perhaps you are thinking of dark and dastardly magicks that would be possible with just these kinds of waters. You wouldn’t be the first to think of that. Hurricanes tend to bring out both the most selfish and exploitative aspects of humanity (looters) and the best and most self-less acts of brotherly love (rescue workers.) Truth be told, magickal folks have been known to use hurricane waters in both those ways, too.

I’m one of those witches who works for the forces of Divine Love, and so I choose to use my powers for benefit rather than bane. I also view “bane” differently than many of those who would accuse me of “de-fanging witchcraft.” In other words, my love and light can kick some ass, when necessary.

Here is a fun thought experiment: If you had the ultimate cosmic power of a Cat 5 Hurricane bottled and ready to unleash at your command, what would you do with it? I would seek justice rather than exploitation. I’d use it for radical societal changes.

~I might turn that power to blast away institutionalized racism.

~I might use that power to expose, try, convict and jail every member of this administration guilty of treason, and then clear out the rest of their cohorts at the next election with a tidal wave of informed voters.

~I might set loose those winds of change, to open all our eyes and minds to the dangers of climate change.

~I might use it to destroy the societal “privileges” of certain folks who are actively denying equal rights to the rest of their fellow humans.

~I might blow the lid off of glass ceilings and income inequality for women and people of color in the workplace.

~I might smash the archaic, patriarchal structures that bind us to the past, and blind us from the realities of our future.

In short, in a game that is rigged, I would seek to level the playing field. I’d loose those winds to reduce the crappy old institutions to matchsticks, so that we are forced to rebuild them in a stronger, smarter way from the ground up. Just like a hurricane.

Ultimately, the lessons I take away from observing hurricanes, is that sometimes Mama God/dess, just like a good parent, loves us with kisses and a slice of our favorite pie. Other times, S/he loves us with restrictions and disciplinary actions that we aren’t going to like in the moment, but will correct our course. Both are Love, and both are necessary if we are to grow into responsible citizens. Hurricane water can aid our own magickal works that help to correct society’s course, too. To my mind, there is no harm in that.

New Orleans Flooded after Hurricane Katrina – CC0 Creative Commons, Pixabay

Preparing Hurricane Waters

After collected, hurricane waters can be filtered or boiled for storage in a glass container. If they are just rain water, boiling may not be necessary. To preserve them longer, I would add liberal amounts of sea salt. Some essential oils have anti-microbial properties, as well as occult correspondences.

Make note of the phase and sign of the sun and moon at the time of collection, as this will have subtle influence in their usage. I also add a small crystal to the water to keep them charged. Clear Quartz is good for everything, or you can choose the stone based on your specific intention. If justice is your goal, look for stones with Libra or Pisces attributes: perhaps amethyst, bloodstone, jade, lapis lazuli or rose quartz.

When I collected my waters during Hurricane Florence the Sun was in Virgo, the Moon was waxing in Sagittarius. So, I added amethyst for justice, and a drop of Lavender Essential oil for Virgo, and Rosemary Essential Oil for Sagittarius. But that is just me….don’t take my word for it, be creative and witch-up a potion to your own needs.

There are many resources on-line to look up these correspondences. I’ve found these listed here in my desk copy of Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences: A Comprehensive and Cross-Referenced Resource for Pagans and Wiccans.


(1) I found this as a suggestion somewhere on-line, and I respectfully disagree.

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