Automatic Writing When the Muses Speak

Automatic Writing When the Muses Speak November 29, 2018
It would appear that I do a lot of writing while in a trance state and start channeling information from beyond my own conscious understanding. This is sometimes called automatic writing, but rather than holding a pen, I’ve got a keyboard in front of me. I think this is the most important tool for my witching work. Anyone can do it, but it takes practice to cultivate.
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Automatic writing – Wikipedia

“Automatic writing or psychography is a claimed psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing. The words purportedly arise from a subconscious, spiritual or supernatural source.”
I do a lot of meditative and clairvoyant work, so it isn’t surprising that I get down into a trance state while just trying to write a blog or a journal entry. There are times when it’s actually harder for me to remain focused here in waking consciousness, than it is to dive deep into theta level of brain wave activity.
Occasionally, I’ll go back to find old writing files on my computer, or in the drafts section of my blog, that I’ve largely forgotten about. To be clear, I remember when some spark of inspiration prompted me to sit down and create the file on that subject.   However, when I reopen that file later on, I read it like picking up a random book at the library and find someone else’s words for the first time. Sometimes those words strike me to my core like a bolt of lightning; words I may have physically typed months before when I had no reason to even have those opinions, teach me things I crucially need to know – right then. I credit whichever Divine Muse cracked through to be heard that day.
Every religion has some form of prayer, prophesy or divination that they use to actively listen to their Gods and Guides. Automatic writing is divination technique that can be cultivated by anyone.

Automatic Writing as a form of Active Listening

Witchcraft involves a lot of talking – we pray, chant, speak incantations, intentions and affirmations…talk, talk, talk. But divination is a form of active listening. Automatic writing is the simple act of asking a question through your Highest Self, directed toward your spiritual guides. Then you actively listen, and transcribe Their reply. The complicated part is the preparation it takes to open oneself up as a clear channel to receive that information. Its a handy trick to step your conscious mind aside, and let Them take over your pen – or more accurately, your fingers  – as you use the writing tool of your choice.

Step one: Write out your questions.

Before you begin, consciously decide what questions to ask. Avoid yes/no questions, and phrase them to be open ended. Example: How should I proceed down a Spiritual Path that is correct for me at this tieme? Not: Am I a witch?

Write one question out at the top of each blank page. Number the stack of papers, just in case you start tearing through them and later need to figure out what order they were supposed to be in. Better yet, use a blank notebook, and just flip the pages.

OR: If you are a great typist, create a word document with all the questions typed out and space between them.

Step Two: Set the Stage

Do whatever you would normally do before a meditation or ceremony. Light a candle, or incense. Put on some low ambient music if that is your custom. Make sure you have plenty of paper and pens at hand. Lower the lights a bit and get into a mystical mood. You’ve got to fake it ’til you make it, and ambiance will get you most of the way there.

Step Three: Start with a Prayer and Statement of Intention

Open with a prayer, stating exactly who you mean to speak to, and what parameters you are putting on the experience. Be very clear, or you’ll end up getting what you asked for, but not what is good for you. Remember that sometimes things that seem terrible in the moment, can ultimately be the best thing for you.

Example: Great Ones! Guides, Gods, Guardians! Beings of Good Will who protect and inspire me! I open myself with gratitude to receive your Highest Divine Guidance. I ask to receive the messages that would be most beneficial to me at this time, that they be clearly understandable, and that this experience be a gentle and helpful one to all involved, harming none.

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Step Four: Get into a Meditative State

Get into the zone, as you do. Sometimes this is called “Magickal Mindset.” Breathe deeply in through your nose, and out through your mouth a few times while relaxing your body. I imagine that with each breath I’m descending deeper into myself, as though I’m riding down a glass elevator to the core of my being. Eventually, I see myself stepping outside of the elevator, just as I step outside my physical self, outward into the Astral dimension. From there, I seek out an audience with my guides. I think it helps to imagine myself sitting down to a desk with the same set up that I have in my physical space; with my pen and paper, or my computer before me.

Step Five: Start writing

I open my physical eyes, maintaining both the visualization in my inner imagination, while also being present enough to actually start writing. I speak aloud the first question, then I begin writing, by partially repeating the question and then just stream of consciousness transcribing whatever pops into my head. Forget about punctuation or sentence structure. Do not judge or correct what comes through. Typos, schmypos. Leave everything as is in rough draft.

Don’t even think much about what you’re saying, just keep transcribing whatever pops into your head. If it helps, you can imagine that you’ve stepped aside, and allowed your guide to sit down in your chair. You’ve allowed your guide to pick up the pen, or start typing at your keyboard….your hands are just a tool, and you are watching the words flow through them with detachment – from somewhere just over your guide’s shoulder.

From our Example, say aloud: How should I proceed down a Spiritual Path that is correct for me at this time?

Just start writing: The spiritual path that is correct for me at this time is…. (now start rambling about what you THINK the possible options are before you, what you may want, or what you have been looking for…it doesn’t really matter what you start with, just start having a written conversation with your Guide. The hope here is that at some point a shift will happen and you’ll instead be transcribing Higher Guidance. Just go with the flow…

Step Six: Gratitude, Release and Return

When it seems that the session is finished, offer your gratitude for the experience, and say goodbye to your Guides. Picture yourself standing up from your writing desk in the astral realm, getting back onto the glass elevator (or whatever you envisioned bringing you down before) and rising back up into waking consciousness. Basically, always return the way you came, and at every stage, see the way closed behind you. I tend to use invoking pentagrams to open the doors on the way down, and banishing pentagrams to lock them behind me on the way back.

Step Seven: Come back to it later

Personally, I think it best to put the writing aside and go do something else for a while. Use the restroom, get a snack and drink lots of water, stretch out. Perhaps you sleep on it, and come back to read it after a good night’s sleep. Either way, I prefer to get some distance before I read it again.

The most important part of all forms of divination is discernment and discretion. Don’t rush to judgement on a message, and don’t confuse your own little ego self, with Highest Divine Guidance. If things are vague or confusing, this is when I pull out my tarot cards and seek additional guidance from a more objective vocabulary. Consult with other witches or priest/esses as well, especially if something is concerning to you. Our Witchy friends help to keep us on the rails, and heading in a beneficial direction. The minute you stop considering the advice of your fellow spiritual travelers, you’re gonna get lost on your own ego trip, and that rarely ends well.

Good luck in your adventures with automatic writing. As with the cultivation of any new skill: practice, practice, practice!  So, just go DO THE THING!


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