Witchcraft for Coping During Difficult Times

Witchcraft for Coping During Difficult Times November 5, 2018

These last two years since the Presidential elections have been exceedingly difficult in America. I might have said that they were difficult for the just the progressives and minorities among us, but considering how terrified, angry and paranoid the #MAGA crowd behaves, I don’t think anyone is immune from this desperation. I mean, you don’t shoot up schools, concerts, synagogues, or yoga studios, or send pipe bombs because you’re having a great day. For Witches, it is an especially tough time to be gifted with a broader-than-average perception of how the Trump administration’s actions will ripple into an even more uncertain future. I offer a Pentacle Approach to Wellness, that I hope will help witches cope during difficult times.

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Witchcraft for Dark Times

Immediately after the 2016 election, I hit the skids: emotionally and spiritually. I was slammed as a paranoid snowflake and a social justice warrior in the comments of my post-election day article: Blue Witch in a Red State: Election Horror and the Advice of Wizards, because I feared that horrible things would happen. It didn’t take a psychic to know this shit-show was coming to town – they told us exactly what kind of loathsome assholes they planned to be during the campaign. Boy, have they delivered!

Blue Witch in a Red State: Election Horror and the Advice of Wizards

The election results threw me into shock. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling vulnerable and anxious. Fear for the safety of our world over-took me.  Yet, I am a witch, and witches are supposed to have conquered their fears. So, I returned to basic witchcraft 101 practices to steady myself, and regain my power as best that I could. I shared my thoughts about that in my article: Pentacle Approach to Wellness through Dark Times, where I wrote:

Frustration, anger, anxiety and depression are normal side-effects of increased spiritual awareness–it’s the opposite of “ignorance is bliss.”  Once you turn the light on and see the bigger picture, you tune in and feel the greater connections, there will be a lot to process, and it isn’t always pretty. Let’s face it, since the 2016 election of Donald Trump, we’ve been subjected to a world-wide dumpster fire with plenty to upset the balance of wellness. Just like the waning sun, you may be having a dark time. Fair enough. The question is, what are we to do about it?

My first rule of witchcraft is Don’t burn the Witch, and that begins with self-care. The Witches’ ways aren’t easy fixes; yet, our techniques should help us remain balanced and effective, even while the world burns, strengthening us so we can help our society.

The Pentacle Approach to Wellness through Dark Times

Over the two years since then, I slowly added five more installments with balancing exercises for each layer of the self, according to the 5 elements. Those articles discussed balance through both the projective and receptive lessons of earth, air, fire, water and spirit. As we approach the 2018 mid-term elections, I know that both the tensions and the stakes are higher than ever, so today I compiled a handy index of my Pentacle Approach to Wellness series so that we can keep up the good fight.

The Pentacle Approach to Wellness: A Five-Pointed Plan of Balance

A holistic approach to wellness is based upon the interconnection between consciousness and the body. A magickal approach to wellness works for a harmonic balance between many subtle layers of the self. The mental, emotional, will and spiritual bodies form a lens through which you experience your physical body, and vice versaThis concept is symbolized by the Pentacle, an encircled five-pointed star, and is a symbol of modern witchcraft.

Earth: Balancing the Physical Body

By Earth we balance our physical bodies, through preparing good food, good sleep, self-care of grooming, and maintaining our dwelling spaces.

The Pentacle Approach to Wellness: Balancing the Physical Body

Air: Balancing the Mental Body

By Air we balance our mental bodies, with careful consideration of our beliefs, meditation and speaking affirmations.

The Pentacle Approach: Balancing The Mental Body

Fire: Balancing the Body of the Will

By Fire we balance the body of our Will, taking actions to align us with the Highest Divine Will, igniting motivations to achieve our sacred mission.

The Pentacle Approach to Wellness: Fires of the Will

Water: Balancing the Emotional Body

By Water we balance our emotional bodies, identifying what wounds us, defining our boundaries, and learning to respond through Divine Love.

The Pentacle Approach: Balancing the Emotional Body

Ether: Balancing the Spiritual Body

We balance our Spiritual bodies by bringing our God and Goddess selves into co-creative balance, so that we may claim our personal sovereignty, and gain a broader, transcendent view of life.

The Pentacle Approach to Wellness: Balancing The Spiritual Body

No matter what happens election day, and in the remaining two years of this hideous administration, stand strong. No one here is alone; start with taking good care of yourself, so that you’ll have the strength to defend against those who would destroy what we hold sacred. In these dark times we need balanced and powerful witches seeing the bigger picture, rising above all the divisiveness and doing the good work of healing in our society. Thank you for reading, and thank you for witching; your work is important.

May the “Blue Wave” restore depth and purpose to our society once more, and raise all ships together to a better place.


About Heron Michelle
Heron Michelle is a witch, priestess, mom, artist and shopkeeper living in Greenville, North Carolina. Connect with her on Facebook: Witch on Fire: Heron Rising Services and follow her on Twitter @HeronMichelle13. You can read more about the author here.
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