67 minutes for this Full Storm Moon in Pisces/Virgo Balance

67 minutes for this Full Storm Moon in Pisces/Virgo Balance February 19, 2019

Me posting this information about the Storm Moon in Pisces/Virgo balance is already too late, and I am sorry for that. I’ll post it anyway to illustrate a point about the need to pay close attention to auspicious timing, well in advance of the moment you seek to work spell craft.

This is my moon. I was born at this exact moment, when the sun set in Pisces, just as the full moon in Virgo rose over the horizon at almost exact fullness. Talk about liminal! Talk about Witchy! This also explains why I am mostly a dingbat who shows up late to the party, but has some very well-organized thoughts about nebulous things. <cackle>

Heron Holds the Moon

Case in Point:

PSA: This full moon we are in today! Right now! Or the moment that passed because you didn’t see this in time! <Oops>

Here are the important facts that guide how I utilize this moon’s powers. The sun/earth are in Pisces – I name the full moon in Pisces “The Storm Moon.” Remember that magick doesn’t care what Gregorian Calendar month we’re in, despite what your Llewellyn Daily Planner says. (They call it Quickening moon, but I disagree. Not that what humans call it matters one lick.)

We crossed into Pisces yesterday, Feb 18, at 6:04 pm est. Today, Feb 19, the moon is full at 10:54 am. Which means that if you were waiting until tonight to celebrate the full moon energies while you could see her shining in the night sky, you missed it. That moment is past. The old folk-lore that claims you can use waxing moon energy any time 3 days after peak? That is incorrect and ineffective because it is based in ignorance. After the peak, the lunar energies are waning, no matter what she looks like in the sky.

Page from my Llewellyn’s Witches’ Daily Planner

However, you didn’t really miss it, because the true potency of the full moon energies occurs when the moon is full in the sign opposite that of the Sun. When it is in “opposition” to the sun, (180 degrees) a perfect balance is formed in the zodiac. It is a big yin/yang symbol in the cosmos. It is the tension and intersection of the two sides of this polarity that are auspicious. This polarity hangs between illusion and reality, or nebulous emotion and structured materialness.

That opposition doesn’t occur this lunation until 9:47 am Feb 19th. or RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW! Which means, the keyhole to unlock this particular door only lasts the 67 minutes that span between 9:47 (moon enters Virgo) and 10:54 am (moon is full, opposite Pisces).

The point to emphasize at the Storm Moon is the balance between the watery, emotional psychism of Pisces in our conscious awareness, balanced with the subconscious stirrings of the earthy, material Virgoan need to be analytical, structured and well-organized. Sounds like a contradiction of terms, amiright? Welcome to the inside of my head at all times. It’s just lunacy in here! <snark>

Time to clean your emotional house! Time for some discernment between what is real and what is delusion! Let’s clarify these mystical knowings and utilize them in a real, material way. We can tap these lunar energies to make the world, and our lives, a more honest place.

So even if you weren’t working magick today between 9:47 and 10:54 am EST, think back to what you were doing and how you felt. Notice anything auspicious? I’d love to know about it in the comments.

Now is your moment. GET TO WITCHIN’!


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