The Elephant in the Womb: Calling Out Theocracy Where it Breeds

The Elephant in the Womb: Calling Out Theocracy Where it Breeds May 17, 2019

Things are not OK in America. Going about our daily business as normal, feels like insanity. I cannot help but nearly drown in the collective woe we are all feeling in regard to the unconscionable evils inflicted upon our fellow Uteran-Americans this last month. I am talking about the rash of convicted raping pedophiles getting off without jail time. Meanwhile, their female victims, including children, who are impregnated as a result of their heinous crimes, are being specifically targeted by draconian legislation seeking to bar them from emergency contraception or abortion in the future. I’m not usually into dystopian conspiracies, but it looks to me like a plague of theocracy is taking over.

Andromeda Chained and Left to be Devoured by Monsters- CC0 Creative Commons, Pixabay

In the past month, many near-complete Abortion Ban bills have passed in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Utah, and Alabama. Now Louisiana, Texas, and Missouri rush to join them. They make no exception for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, nor give consideration for the age of the victim. In some cases they seek to hunt down and prosecute their residents for murder if they attempt to leave the state for a legal abortion elsewhere. In other cases they seek to prosecute the health-care providers and pharmacists who offer abortions and contraception. In all of these states, the victims and providers face FAR harsher sentences than the rapists who created the problem.

The proposed legislation in Texas allows for the death penalty for woman and providers, which the author of the bill says will “Force women to take more personal responsibility for sex.” Yet, there is no provision for rape, and no mention of death penalty for the men who impregnate them irresponsibly, which clearly negates his argument. Also, screw you for making it violently clear that you’re targeting women’s sexual freedom. This is moronic thinking: I’m looking at you, Rep. Tony Tinderholt.

Star Bustamonte at The Wild Hunt wrote an excellent article about this legislation and how it may impact our pagan communities. She asked me for a statement about what is going on here. This is what I said:

“America was founded on the ideas of liberty and self-determination, including the freedom from oppressive religious interference from the State. Free-will and sovereignty are also primary tenets of Modern Witchcraft.

I’d say that pagans and witches actually do hold sacred all life, with a genuine focus on nurturing and protecting that life once it is born into the world. I also acknowledge, after years of spiritual work through past life retrieval, that a being’s Spirit, with their identity, life purpose and destiny, merge with their bodies at the moment of live birth, when they can exist separately from their mother’s womb. Until that moment, I believe that a woman retains sole rights of determination over her own body.

These new anti-abortion polices are also a clear violation of the separation of church and state, with an extremist ideology of Christianity being imposed on the entirety of our (supposedly) pluralistic society. Any “Forced-birth” legislation that denies women of their reproductive free-will, isn’t “pro-life” at all; it is a patriarchal, theocratic, fascist form of control over “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” which is anti-American, anti-woman and anti-Witchcraft.

If we allow this degradation of our separation of church and state to take hold, it will inevitably open the door to further infringements upon the freedom of religion that Pagans and Witches now rely. It is imperative that we use our voices, powers, and votes to protect reproductive rights, because the fate of personal freedoms for all of us, hang in the balance.”

This is not normal.
I took this picture at the Women’s March on Washington in January of 2017. This is NOT normal.

This is not a Pro-Life Movement; This is a Theocracy

This is not a pro-life movement, this is a pro-control movement. This is a theocratic Christian coup. This is anti-human rights warfare. There is something insane about the republicans who’ve written these bills, and signed them into law. I also think there is something seriously evil possessing the judges who give convicted incestuous, pedophile, raping preachers a pass. I’m looking at you, Judge Steven Sword. See article below. There is an elephant in this womb, and I’m here to call out the evils of Christian theocracy where it is trying to breed.

Tennessee Pastor Who Repeatedly Raped Daughter, 14, Gets Light Sentence Because Jesus

The Battle lines are Drawn

There is clearly a battle waging here, with two well-defined sides: Radical, Terrorizing, Conservative “christian” Theocrats who are overtly imposing their misinterpretation of biblical laws on the rest of our society (that is supposed to have a separation of church and state) versus all Americans with a uterus and the children they rape or create. But they are mostly targeting poor folks and poor children, because we all know that rich, white women will always have accesses to any reproductive health care their dominant overlords require…the hypocrites. I’m looking at you, Rep. Tim Murphy.

We also know that the “Pro-life” cabal is playing a much bigger game than mere state-level bans. They know these ridiculously unconstitutional bills will eventually end up before the Supreme Court to challenge Roe v. Wade. They are salivating over the possibility that Notorious RBG (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) may be replaced by the time it gets there.

Embed from Getty Images

The Evil Starts at the Top

I know these monstrous shits have always been here among us, seething in the shadows. I grew up with these people. My mother WAS these people back in the 80’s and 90’s when I was a terrified teenager, and she quit her job to march in Pro-life rallies on Washington, and volunteer at the bait-n-switch “Crisis Pregnancy Center” next door to the actual abortion clinic in my hometown. I know exactly what coercion they inflict in those places, and it includes forcing women to pray to accept Jesus into their Hearts, in order to get a free pregnancy test. Woe be unto those girls who came up positive.

I know this because when I was a teen in college I accidentally ran afoul of this ploy, myself. I know their brain-washing lingo, I know how uninformed and ignorant about human reproduction they actually are.  I also know their ulterior motives are to convert everyone to their fear-mongering brand of “christian” ideology, to keep poor people enslaved, and women in their rightful place: sexual captives to their husbands, silent and compliant, barefoot and pregnant in their kitchens.

But thanks to this current administration being devoid of basic ethics, monsters can now parade openly in the sunlight with impunity. When a Presidential candidate can have an open case filed against him for raping a 13 year old child at NYC sex trafficking parties, but it is magickally dropped just before the election takes place, (but his cohort Jeff Epstein is convicted) we should have demanded answers. When he can brag about sexually assaulting any woman he likes, and NOTHING CHANGES, that gives his supporters carte-blanche to do their worst. Now they have actual authority and are poised to inflict their evils broadly.

I see them at their podiums smug about their stolen and gerrymandered political offices. They may be wearing ties, badges, or judges robes, but I see them clearly as the weak-minded, ignorant, terrified, “demons” that they’ve become. Mind you, there is nothing Christ-like about these assholes. Anti-Christ, maybe, but Jesus has nothing to do with this. These con men may use that religion as a smoke-screen, but it is clear that they are just a malignant cancer co-opting the church’s sway as an excuse to maintain their own personal wealth and dominance at any cost.

Embed from Getty Images

It’s really about Theocracy and White Supremacy

Women’s Reproductive rights are just one plank in their rotten platform. There is mounting evidence that white supremacy and fascist “Christian” Theocracy are the ultimate goal. I’m looking at you, Kristen Hatten. In today’s America these “Christian” politicians are waving bibles with one hand and throwing the a casual “asshole,” or “OK” hand gesture as an alt-right gang sign, right out in public, as if it’s cool. Red MAGA caps are the new KKK hood, but they don’t have to hide them.

I feel like I’m in a bizarro nightmare where everything that is obviously good and sacrosanct, republicans crush under their heals: like guaranteed recess for elementary school children in Georgia, or funded medical care for the mothers and children in Alabama now denied

If this were a Dystopian Fantasy Movie…

If I were to write a dystopian fantasy movie where demonic possession had infiltrated members of a religious sect, I would illustrate that by having them turn on each other and start shooting up, or burning down each other’s places of worship…synagogues, mosques, black churches…no holy ground of their God would be immune to his adversary’s violence. I’d make sure every single assailant was a young, white, christian dude, but miraculously the mindless MAGA crowd would still keep hating on people of color, jews and muslims.

I’d have these demons defend pedophilia using the bible for proof, and let homeschool groups arrange child marriages at a public conference. I’d have these demon-possessed politicians admit to their pedophilia, and still somehow keep running for public office.  I would show these demons getting appointed to judgeships, so they could simply not sentence to jail the admitted rapists, pedophiles, and torturers of women and children that we manage to convict. And then I’d have another demon judge grant a rapist custody of the child his 12 year old victim chose to raise – because that makes absolute demonic sense. I’d even get a demon appointed to the Supreme Court, even though they are clearly a drunken fratboy long guilty of sexual assault, so he could overturn all protections like a mindless sycophant.

As I wrote my dystopian fantasy movie, I’d show these demons at their pulpits,  podiums, and press-conference…smiling and thanking god for lending them his power to bind us all under their theocratic religious laws. Then in the next breath I’d have this anti-christ character suggest that we go to war in the middle east to destroy the evils of Islamic Sharia Law. This irony will be the sick joke that chokes out a nation of families including pregnant women with children. Then, just to keep it completely ridiculous, I’ll let Gene Simmons deliver a press briefing at the pentagon.

Then I’d show all the reasonable people they target – my heros –  seeing how this evil is taking over their world. They’ll fruitlessly scream their warnings into the void by gathering millions to march on Washington, and every other city in the world, but to no avail. Why? Because too many “Christians” have been brainwashed already. They are either too far blinded to see the evil for themselves, or so broken and traumatized by their fear-mongering cult that they are powerless to rise up and take down these assholes from within. The rest of us are so poisoned, jaded or apathetic, that we may try to ignore it all and go about our daily lives as if everything is OK. That’s it. No big battle, just apathetic back-sliding into the dark ages where nothing our heroes do makes any difference. What a crappy movie!

This plot is unfolding all around us, but if it were pitched as a movie idea, I’d give it a hard pass for being stupid, unrealistic, too divisive against Christians, and unnecessarily discouraging about human nature. And yet here we are…

Heron Michelle protesting with Sandwhich board reading A Woman's Place is in the Resistance.
Heron Michelle and Her 14 year old daughter March together on Washington DC, January 2017.

It is obvious to any observer with half a brain that the “Pro-life” movement is just the trojan-horse Christian Theocrats are using to lodge themselves into the very wombs of America. From this sensitive place, they will twist the gullible with lies and fear tactics about executing sweet innocent babies, until they don’t notice how all our rights are eroding, so they can then breed the rest of their fascist agendas like a plague.

I refuse to act like this is OK. I will not shut up and let evil sweep this land. Other than coping, surviving the best I can, protesting where I can, voting and continuing to call out the evils where I see them, I don’t really know what else to do about it right now. The question I’m asking is if the rest of the world will allow women and children to be chained to this rock, to be devoured by these monsters just like Andromeda whose sculpture is pictured above?

Bottom line is that things in America right now are dire, and they are playing out exactly as we feared they would back on election day in 2016. I know that silence makes one complicit in these crimes, so I choose not to be silent.

What say you?


Think I’m too harsh? I dare you to go read every one of the links I’ve provided. Double dog dare.

No, I’m not literally saying these “Christians” are possessed by actual demons. Not my circus, not my monkeys. But THEY  talk about their fear of “Satan” and his minions all the time, and I would not be surprised if they’ve fallen into mental illness from the abusive fear-mongering those thought-forms inflict. So the end result would be the same.



About Heron Michelle
Heron Michelle is a witch, high priestess, mom, artist and shopkeeper living in Greenville, North Carolina. Connect with her on Facebook: Witch on Fire, and follow her on Twitter @HeronMichelle13. You can read more about the author here.

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