Beltane Mirror: Between Hole and Whole is a Double YOU

Beltane Mirror: Between Hole and Whole is a Double YOU May 4, 2020

On this day of Astrological Beltane, I made a video of how I make a fresh Beltane Flower crown and shared that with my YouTube Channel. Normally I’d wear a floral crown to dance the Maypole. During this Sabbat in Lock-down, I’ll simply remember the symbolism of interwoven wholeness within nature’s cycles, while wearing it for the coven ZOOM ritual later tonight. During the video, I discussed a Beltane revelation I had yesterday…one of wholeness, even when it may appear that there are things missing from our lives right now.

I’ve crafted this crown from what was flowering in my back yard, in true pagan fashion. The yellow and gold blossoms of my Tulip Poplar tree are associated with the order and justice of Saturn, the Logos of the God. The little white blossoms represent the goddess Venus for me today, as She reigns through Taurus, and her sensual love and Eros surge to high tide at Beltane.

With this magick, I am crowned in the sovereignty represented by the Two Who Move as One within me. I take responsibility for my body, my land, and my sphere of influence within this sacred world – I remember my interdependence within the world. This is the sacred marriage for me, well beyond the obvious fertility magick that typically dominates the day.

Beltane Mirror – Heron Michelle

Beltane Mirror: Between Hole and Whole is the Mirror of a Double YOU

This week I had a eureka moment of insight while I was busy writing. Hail Hermes! It occurred to me that in English, the words hole (a missing piece, or disruption) and whole (complete and uninterrupted) are pronounced the same way, yet are seemingly opposites. At would appear to be mutually exclusive ideas. The only difference is a “double YOU.”(W)

This poetic beauty in the pattern of language reminded me that reality is a mirror. While below in the middle world of consensus reality we may appear like separate, individual beings with all our failings, appearing to be either one option or the other, but never complete. I kept thinking about that story by Shel Silverstein about searching for one’s missing piece. We naturally feel a deep yearning for companionship, or a partner to complete our lives. This tends to be a theme on the surface of the Beltane sacred marriage: coupling.

Also mirrored above in spiritual reality, we are all one, big, interconnected, interdependent being within the wholeness of Divine Love. Macrocosm to microcosm, mirrored above to below, within and without, we each hold the entire spectrum of possibility within God/dess. We are whole within ourselves. The occult wisdom is that both sides of that mirror are true at the same time.

The difference between feeling the lack of whatever may be missing right now, and feeling the satisfaction of my wholeness, is remembering that “double you” mirrored within myself. We are each a blend of god and goddess, anima and animus, eros and logos. We endeavor at Beltane to unify thought and action, with compassion and creation. We step up to the altar and claim sovereign responsibility of our own lives, and enter of our own free-will into partnership with Great Spirit, in wise stewardship of all we create.

We are whole and complete within ourselves, and we can also yearn to partner, to couple, to share in that Great Work and the Great Rite with those we love. Just like God and Goddess, we are also the Two Who Move as One, a mirrored yin/yang of all potential. Beltane helps us to remember that greatness, but also to use that greatness wisely.

Blessed Be,


About Heron Michelle
Heron Michelle is a witch, high priestess, mom, artist and shopkeeper living in Greenville, North Carolina. Check out her "Fire-side Chat" videos on YouTube: Heron Michelle. Facebook: Witch on Fire. Twitter @HeronMichelle13. You can read more about the author here.
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